Lorraine Kelly admits Katie Hopkins is only celebrity she’s banned from her show

Lorraine Kelly has revealed that the one star she won’t have on her ITV show is controversial figure Katie Hopkins.

The 62-year-old said that the media personality was a “busted flush” and that she is the one exception to the rule.

The mother-of-one spoke to Jojo Sutherland and Bruce Devlin on a recent episode of their podcast Be Honest and had a lot to say about the former The Apprentice star.

Lorraine was asked about her previous guests and she replied: “The only person that I genuinely wouldn’t have on the show is Katie Hopkins.”

She continued to slam the businesswoman: “It’s because I actually think that person is dangerous.”

Kelly also mentioned some other guests which had appeared on her lunchtime show over the years, including actor Ralph Fiennes back in 2019.

Ralph, who played Voldemort in the Harry Potter series, reportedly found the interview “nerve wracking” because he was “uncomfortable with live TV", adding "He hated every single moment of it."

She also touched upon the struggles of live broadcasting and mentioned a few celebrities whose interviews hadn’t gone to plan.

Actress Parminder Nagra was scheduled to speak to the ITV legend over a Zoom call, but she almost missed her slot because she “just never turned up”.

Lorraine admitted that things “go wrong” on a “daily basis” whilst filming for the show and revealed one guest’s unfortunate mistake.

She said: “I nearly interviewed Lady Gaga, but we were waiting for her. We were waiting for hours […] We were going to pre-record after the show, by one o’clock in the afternoon when she hadn’t appeared, we just kind of gave up and thought: ‘Let’s go home.’”

One recent interview mishap occurred when Susanna Reid interviewed Boris Johnson and mentioned Lorraine’s name.

She spoke to the Prime Minister, who mistakenly thought he was being passed over to the presenter for an interview and asked who Lorraine is.

A shocked Susanna told him that she is a “legend” and many viewers called out Boris for being “out of touch”.

When asked about the blunder, Lorraine called Susanna’s interview “forensic” and “really intelligent”.

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