Love Island’s Liam ‘caught out with four lies’ after Millie and Lillie showdown

It was the moment Love Island viewers had been hoping for, when Millie Court found out the truth of what really went down in Casa Amore with love rival Lillie Haynes and her partner, Liam Reardon.

Poor Millie, 24, had been overjoyed when Liam, 21, first walked back into the villa single, but her joy wasn't to last.

Fans were infuriated when they felt like Liam had been "playing down" what happened while he was away.

They got the result they wanted on Sunday night's show when heartbroken Millie received a text, inviting her to go for a chat with Lillie outside the villa.

Lillie proceeded to unravel all of Liam's carefully hidden lies, where he had either not told Millie the full truth, or made things seem like less than they were.

Here are some of Liam's tall tales that he soon got caught out on.

Three kisses, not one

Twitter exploded in fury last night, after Lillie revealed to devastated Millie that they kissed three times.

Liam had tried to claim that it was one kiss, and then said Lillie went in for a peck. Lillie revealed the truth, that it was in fact three kisses, spread out throughout the conversation.

Fans were then cross when Liam tried to backtrack when Millie confronted him about it, saying "I told you it was three! What difference does it make whether it's two or three?"

A lot, Liam.

He said she was taking it in the wrong way, as she said "All you did was f***** betray me".

Bedroom antics

Another bombshell for Millie came when she asked Lillie what had gone on in the bedroom, as Liam claimed there were no "cuddles."

Lillie couldn't believe her ears and soon set her straight on that one.

"The first night there was cuddles, yeah. I think he was playing it off as if he was asleep and all of a sudden rolled over and was cuddling us," said Lillie.

"There was hand on hand contact, there was leg tickling, there was things in the bed, yeah."

Horrified Millie could say nothing but "shut up" at the revelation.

"You're killing me"

Millie seemed most hurt by Lillie revealing that Liam was doing battle with himself and his urges. The blonde bombshell revealed that Liam wanted more at night and expressed his frustration.

"I know for a fact there was a few times where he said things 'you're killing us'"

"He was a bit flustered with the bed situation so he had to turn around and roll over."

Millie went back to the villa and was crying to the girls, telling them about how frustrated he was and how much he seemed to want her.

She found it hard to handle as she had slept on the day beds the entire time instead of sharing a bed with any of the boys.

Lillie said it was 60% Liam

Liam had been making out to Millie that it was all Lillie's doing, and that she was the one pursuing him and asking for "100% to compare".

Upon meeting up with Millie, the South Shields blonde insisted the attraction had been more 50/50, then corrected herself to say it was actually more like 60% from Liam's side.

Poor Millie was hurt beyond belief to hear that Liam had been down-playing the situation.

Many fans were thrilled at Millie's strength when she later told Liam that she couldn't see a way back and that the damage had been done already.

Love Island continues daily on ITV2 at 9pm

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