Luca Guadagnino Eyes Reunion with Timothée Chalamet, ‘Suspiria’ Writer for Horror Love Story

Luca Guadagnino is conjuring a reunion with some of his favorite collaborators for a new film titled “Bones & All.” Deadline first reported the news that the upcoming “horror love story” will star the director’s “Call Me By Your Name” muse Timothée Chalamet and will be written by “Suspiria” scribe David Kajganich. Little details are known about the project just yet, other than “Waves” breakout Taylor Russell is currently being eyed to co-star alongside Chalamet. While no start date has been set, Deadline reports that buyers are already lining up to bid on the title.

“Bones & All” would add to Guadagnino’s busy slate. He’s already working on a modernized version of “Scarface” at Universal Pictures, featuring a script from the Coen Brothers, and a “Lord of the Flies” adaptation at Warner Bros., plus a Scotty Bowers gay hustler film pairing him with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Last year, Guadagnino released the eight-part miniseries “We Are Who We Are” on HBO. Set on an Italian military base, the series explored queer coming-of-age themes similar to “Call Me By Your Name.” Still in the possible works is a followup to “Call Me By Your Name” based on the book “Find Me” by Andre Aciman.

“I know that everything that I had in my pipeline until today, I managed to make, and I hope and I think that I would manage to make everything that people know that I’m going to do, because those projects are all fantastic,” Guadagnino told IndieWire in an interview following the “We Who We Are” finale. “I’m really devoted to each and every one of them. I work hard, and I like to work a lot… so we’ll see what’s going to happen first. But all the things that are mentioned that I may be doing are going to all be done.”

Chalamet will next be seen Warner Bros.’ “Dune,” coming out October 1 in theaters and on HBO Max. The Oscar nominee also stars in Wes Anderson’s “The French Dispatch,” which has yet to set a release date in stone.

Guadagnino also recently directed “Salvatore: Shoemaker of Dreams,” a documentary that premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2020.

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