Tom Parker opens up on effect of losing his hair to brain tumour treatment

Tom Parker has opened up to his followers about accepting losing his hair to chemotherapy after undergoing treatment for a brain tumour. 

The Wanted star, 32, shared a photo with his daughter Aurelia as he explained that coming to terms with his hair falling out wasn’t an easy process. 

He wrote: ‘Acceptance. Having been in the public eye since the age of 21 my appearance has always been important to me. I have had many different hairstyles from a Danny Zuko quiff and the crazy blonde stage my wife hated.

‘When I started treatment my hair started to fall out, so after a morning at the hospital I came home and told @being_kelsey to shave my head. 

‘I remember this so vividly, I felt like part of me was being taken away as I saw the hair drop to the floor. There were tears.’

Tom admitted he didn’t reveal his bald head in public for a long time as he was worried it would be like a ‘badge’ showing he was undergoing cancer treatment. 

He continued: ‘I wore hats for the first couple of months as I was embarrassed by my appearance. I know it sounds silly for a man to be so bothered by baldness when I was facing so much more but to me it felt like I was wearing a badge of baldness that shouted “I HAVE CANCER”.

‘So here I am facing my fears and laying myself bare. I have accepted my baldness and I now wear this “new do” with pride. It’s a trophy of what I have overcome and what I have yet to beat.’

Tom had revealed to fans in October, shortly before his son Bodhi was born, that he had been undergoing treatment for an inoperable brain tumour.

He recently updated fans that the gruelling months of treatment had resulted in a ‘significant reduction’ in the size of the tumour and he was ‘responding well to treatment’. 

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