Matt Lucas praised by The One Show viewers over weight loss ‘Need to know how he did it!’

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The One Show viewers flocked to Twitter to comment on Matt Lucas’ weight loss as he discussed his appearance on Who Do You Think You Are? with hosts Jermaine Jenas and Lauren Laverne. Matt was joined by his mum Diana on the BBC magazine show as he opened up on the powerful journey he went on to find out more about his heritage.

Praising the comedian, @dreambeleeverr tweeted: “Watching #theoneshow #mattlucas has lost so much weight! I need to know his diet.”

@pgriff1502 added: “Matt Lucas looking great with his weight loss!!! #oneshow #TheOneShow #bbc.”

“#mattlucas looks like he’s lost some weight. Looking good.#TheOneShow,” @markt2606 continued. 

@Filosofizer wrote: “Matt Lucas has shed some pies #TheOneShow.”

@JojoChampion said: “@RealMattLucas applauds to your weight loss. Watching you on #TheOneShow Looking fine!”

“@RealMattLucas looks for as a fiddle! #TheOneShow,” @theproperKP quipped.

During his interview, The One Show aired a clip of Matt making a startling discovery about one of his ancestors.

Matt found out his ancestor had lived with Otto Frank and his family. 

His ancestor, therefore, knew Otto’s daughter the infamous Anne Frank.

The One Show host Lauren remarked: “My heart was in my mouth watching you take in that information. 

“That’s just one of the things you find out about your grandmother and your wider family story.

“How are you feeling about it now because it must have taken a while to process?”

Matt replied: “It’s a tragic story there is happiness with my grandmother and the life she found.

“She met my [grandfather] and had two wonderful grandchildren.”

Interjecting, Matt’s mum Diana quipped: “And a wonderful daughter.”

“We’re a very modest family,” Matt joked. “But learning about what happened to her cousins, to her aunts and uncles is really upsetting. 

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