Netflix's Too Hot To Handle S2 promises shocking secret sex acts and LOTS of bedroom action in sizzling first look

NETFLIX'S Too Hot To Handle series two is returning – and it promises shocking secret sex acts and LOTS of bedroom action.

In a sizzling first look at the show, this year's latest sexy singletons scream as Alexa-style device Lana demands: "There will be no kissing, no heavy petting and no sex."

The hit Netflix show's voiceover adds: "Too Hot To Handle is back with a bang.

"We've got ten super-hot sizzling singles.

"This summer we're turning up the heat."

The trailer then cuts to all the steamiest moments viewers can expect as the randy stars break the rules.

One couple are seen lying in bed kissing as the man smacks his lover's bum.

Others pray for forgiveness after getting hot and heavy in the hot tub.

"Please forgive us, Lana," he says.

"We are simply young, attractive individuals."

The forfeit for breaking Lana's rules is knocking money off the prize fund.

One worried contestant says: "This is crazy, we're going to be broke."

The first captivating season, filmed in Mexico, saw it become an instant hit around the world, topping Netflix’s “most watched” list in TEN countries.

Unlike its rival, ITV2’s Love Island, the contestants on the Netflix show only win the cash prize if they manage to resist getting it on with somebody.

In the ultimate test of abstinence, anyone taking part in this US show has to refrain from “self-gratification” or face seeing their cash prize of 100,000 dollars whittled down.

Now it is back with fewer contestants but just as much heat as it shifts location to the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Bahamas with a collection of stunners from across the globe, including three Brits.

Meet the Too Hot To Handle stars of series two, here.

  • The first four episodes will be available on June 23 and the remaining six on June 30.

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