‘Sends me into a rage’ Ruth Langsford opens up on criticism from husband Eamonn Holmes

Ruth Langsford says Eamonn's criticism at work caused 'rage'

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Speaking on Monday’s Loose Women, Ruth Langsford opened up about her broadcaster husband and former This Morning co-star Eamonn Holmes as she admitted she’d fly “into a rage” if he ever criticised her work. The 62-year-old made the confession as the ITV panelists talked about whether loved ones’ criticism could ever be helpful.

The topic emerged as Dame Helen Mirren said she expects “unconditional praise” from her husband Taylor Hackford.

The pair have been married since 1997, and the 76-year-old actress said she wants “no criticism” from Taylor.

Debating the subject, Jane Moore agreed with the star.

“At work I’m used to criticism, but at home I think Helen Mirren’s right in a way,” she stated.

“You don’t really want to walk in the door and then have your other half piling on.

“So if I haven’t asked for it..” Jane waved her hand dismissively to show her disapproval.

“Yeah, I would be the same with Eamonn,” Ruth replied.

She laughed, adding: “If he’s watching this now he’ll be spluttering in his chair going ‘I can’t say anything.'”

“He’s dialing in right now,” Jane joked. Rith explained: “Particularly work.

“Because obviously you know, we work together a lot. 

“If he ever said at the end of an interview ‘why did you ask that question?’ that would literally send me into a rage!”

Eamonn, 62, joined GB News last year after being dropped by This Morning.

Having fronted the daytime show alongside Ruth for 15 years, Eamonn confirmed in December he’d be joining famously “anti-woke” news channel GB News.

In a new interview last year, Eamonn confessed that while he accepted he had been let go from the ITV show, he was confused as to why he allegedly received no explanation.

The presenter said: “I don’t have any issues with that at all.

“I just have issues with why they can’t tell you your time is up. 

Speaking to The Times, he added: “Just have a conversation, any conversation. I was given no reason why I was blocked.”

He also noted that Ruth was supportive of his move, adding: “She’s not as vulnerable to TV producers and what they think of you.”

Eamonn began presenting This Morning in 2006 with his wife, who had already been part of the ITV show’s on-air team since 1999.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV, while This Morning airs weekdays from 10am and Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel airs weekdays from 6am on GB News.

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