Snowflake Mountain: Why was Devon allowed to stay?

Snowflake Mountain: Trailer for Netflix reality show

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Outspoken kidult Devon Smith went on a voyage of self-discovery on Snowflake Mountain after she found herself tricked into taking part in a survivalist course by her parents. The wild child and strict vegan never held back about her views. Devon declared in a foul-mouthed VT on the Netflix series: “I don’t take s*** from anyone. I’m a b****. I do like attention. Like, if everyone’s staring at me, I don’t care. I literally don’t give a s*** what you think about me.”

Devon went on to say: “I party 24/7. That is literally what I live for. People are like, ‘All you do is party.’ Well, I’m a vegan too. I guess that’s something I’m contributing to society.”

Her long-suffering mother added: “Devon’s big mouth has gotten her into several times. She’s opinionated, strong-minded. She likes to rebel against authority. She has no fear.”

Devon’s mother added: “Perhaps I’ve created this monster, but Devon does need to grow up and become more of an adult and understand she can’t do whatever she wants whenever she wants.

“I think the experience will show Devon that things do not come easily to anybody no matter who they are.”

Why was Devon allowed to stay on Snowflake Mountain?

The New Yorker got into some heated exchanges with her fellow snowflakes and at one point even refused to take part in a challenge involving cutting up a dead deer for meat.

Devon objected to partaking in the task led by survivalist and anthropologist Cat Bigney.

Instead, Devon bailed and headed back to camp citing her veganism as the reason she wouldn’t do the task but was allowed to remain on the show.

In an exclusive interview with, survivalist and mentor Matt Tate, explained: “I think at some point, we have to be reasonable and thoughtful.

“When someone makes a choice to be vegan, they didn’t make that decision lightly and who are we to say that’s wrong? How can we punish someone for having a belief like that?”

He added: “So, there was just no way. That would be like horrible, immoral. So there’s no way we would do that and that’s the reason. We would be terrible humans if we did that.”

Compared to some of her peers such as Solomon and Olivia, Devon made it to the end of the show and scaled a huge mountain as part of the final challenge.

Although she missed out on the coveted cash prize, she seemed to have undergone some self-improvement as she started to take on board constructive criticism.

Since leaving the show, Devon has remained firm friends with some of the cast including Brit Rae Hume.

She shared a snap with the Wilderness Warrior on Instagram with her 17,000 followers and captioned the post: “Unexpected friendships are always the best ones.”

Matt said he was “surprised” by all of the Snowflakes with no one person standing out and all of them changing in “completely different ways” and on “different levels” during the show.

He went on to say: “I think I was just overall surprised to see how each of them, kind of in their own time, made steps to show growth and self-improvement.

“At the end of the day, we’ve just got to sprinkle a few ingredients into that recipe and they are the ones who did the work.”

Snowflake Mountain featured a mixture of British and American young adults, led by former US military men Matt and his friend Joel Graves.

Reflecting on the cultural differences between the Americans and the Brits, Matt said: “Probably lots of things. But I think the first thing that stands out is the sense of humour.

“I really connected with that sense of humour and appreciated it. A little different than the American sense of humour but I loved it.”

Snowflake Mountain is streaming on Netflix now

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