Strict rules mean Love Island stars aren’t allowed to get naked in the bathroom

Hot summer dating show Love Island has returned for its eighth season, hitting our screens on Monday, June 6 at 9pm, airing on ITV.

Keen fans of the show might notice a few changes to the show, including its filming location. The new series is being filmed at a brand new villa on the Spanish island of Majorca.

Similarly, the first coupling will also be decided by viewers in a major shake-up, which is different from previous editions of the show.

The line-up of 11 stunning singletons – including former England striker Michael Owen's daughter Gemma, as well as the show's first ever deaf contestant, dancer Tasha Ghouri – has already taken over our weeknights.

How long will Love Island last and when will the finale air?

There hasn't been any official confirmation on how long this season of Love Island will run. However, based on previous seasons it might last between six to eight weeks.

The last season, which was won by Millie Court and Liam Reardon, ran for eight weeks and three days (58 days in total). The finale for the seventh series aired in August.

It's likely that this season's finale of Love Island will also air in August 2022. An exact date is not known right now, but most seasons typically end on a Monday, so this season may end air its finale on August 1.

What are the rules inside the Love Island villa?

There have no official changes to the rules to this season of Love Island. As per last year's series, it's expected that there will be a number of Covid guidelines.

Previous rules have covered smoking, vaping, drinking alcohol and having sex in the villa. A spokesperson for the show previously explained there is "a strict briefing for all Islanders regarding acceptable behaviour before they go in".

Here are the rules inside the Love Island villa:


According to a Love Island spokesperson, there are "strict guidelines on sexual behaviour in the villa".

The contestants are also constantly monitored once in the villa to make sure there is nothing inappropriate happening.

Masturbation is a no-no and Islanders are issued with a weighty handbook before they go in to remind them of the rules in place – especially around sexual consent.

There's a ban on having sex with anyone who's drunk, and those who do the deed are given the option of meeting with a counsellor afterwards to talk about what happened, and to get emergency contraception if they need it.


The contestants' access to booze is limited inside the villa, with producers operating a strict two-glass limit of beer or wine each night, with no spirits on the table. The Islanders aren't allowed to give their unfinished drinks to each other, as former star Amy Hart explained in a TikTok video.

"They tell you on the first day that if you do get caught giving your drink to anyone that everyone gets banned from drinking for five days," she told fans.

"So then you'll let everyone else down, so don't do it."


ITV banned cigarettes on the screen following a number of complaints after the 2017 series.

If a contestant wants to smoke, they are required to leave the villa and go to a designated smoking area away from the cameras.

The same goes for vaping – stars are no longer allowed to be seen on camera with a vape in hand, but they must also smoke or vape alone rather than in pairs or groups.

This is to discourage social smoking – and also cuts down on the risk of important dramatic conversations being missed by the producers.


Contestants aren't allowed to be totally naked in front of the any of the other islanders – even when they're 'doing bits'.

They are also not allowed to be fully nude even in the bathroom because the villa is considered a 'public place'.

Language and inappropriate conduct

While swearing is allowed in the villa, using inappropriate or offensive language is completely banned.

Sherif Lanre was kicked off Love Island in 2017 after accidentally kicking Molly-Mae Hughes while play-fighting and branding it a "c***-punch".

He was removed from the villa on day 9, but later admitted he got called out by the producers for his conduct before then.

"There were so many things I was pulled aside on," he told the Sun. "The first was calling Amber 'lighty,' which I know is a poor choice of words but she did not get offended.

"I asked them, 'Can you give me a list of the words I can use?' They said, 'No, but you cannot use that one.'"

*Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2

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