Summer’s self confidence is knocked in Coronation Street tonight after rejection

Summer Spellman’s (Harriet Bibby) self-confidence takes a knock in tonight’s Coronation Street as new friend Aaron changes his mind about them seeing each other outside of their support group.

Summer met Aaron when she attended an eating disorder therapy group for the first time.

They immediately connected, which made Summer feel less alone, given the fact she hid her eating disorder from her friends and family for months.

On Monday, Aadi (Adam Hussain) met up with Summer in the café holding a bunch of flowers.

Aadi asked Summer if she would like to start their relationship again, but he was left feeling humiliated and heartbroken when Summer revealed she’s fallen for someone else.

The person in question was Aaron, who was later thrown when Summer opened up about her bulimia.

Tonight, Aaron tells Summer that he’s in no way judging her but thinks it’s for the best if they don’t see each other outside of the support group.

Back at the flat, Summer is in her bedroom, looking at her reflection in the mirror and hating what she sees.

But will Summer talk to anyone about how Aaron’s comments made her feel?

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