‘The Pioneer Woman’: Ree Drummond’s Favorite Restaurant Meal

The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond loves preparing home-cooked meals. Drummond’s macaroni and cheese, pot roast, and chicken spaghetti are some of her most popular recipes. She’s also known for whipping up delicious desserts. However, the Food Network host also enjoys eating out now and then. Drummond revealed her favorite food to order when she dines out.

Ree Drummond doesn’t order steak

Drummond has favorite menu items, but there are also some things she won’t order when she’s dining out. The Accidental Country Girl revealed she won’t order steak if she’s at a restaurant. During an interview with Delish, she was asked about her restaurant ordering habits. She shared why she avoids ordering the steak.

“The last thing I’d order is steak; it’s one of my favorite dinners, but we cook it all the time,” says Drummond. The Pioneer Woman star wants something different when she’s eating out, so steak isn’t the best option for her.

Ree Drummond’s favorite food to order when eating out

Instead of steak, Drummond prefers to order sushi when she goes out to eat. “I love sushi, and I usually order it because it’s the farthest thing from what I make at home,” says Drummond.

One food Drummond doesn’t love is bananas. She says she avoids bananas at all costs. She mentions on her blog that she doesn’t like the texture or even the sight of a banana. “I hate, abhor, loathe, and recoil at the sight of bananas,” she once said. “I’ve disliked them my entire life, even when I was a baby.”

Drummond doesn’t stop there. She emphasizes her dislike for the fruit during her Delish interview. “They’re against my religion, basically,” joked Drummond. “I posted my mom’s banana bread recipe [on The Pioneer Woman website], just because I knew I was never going to come up with one myself. I think that and Bananas Foster are my only two banana recipes on the site.”

Ree Drummond says she ‘always wants’ sushi

Sushi is a favorite of Drummond’s. In her book Frontier Follies, she says she “always wants it.” Drummond doesn’t eat sushi often, so it’s a real treat when she is able to have some. She shared in her book that she usually gets sushi three or four time each year from a restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She says she gets a kick out of eating sushi while on a cattle ranch. For Drummond, eating sushi is her idea of having a good time.

Drummond has such a good time because she enjoys putting wasabi on her sushi and then dipping it in soy sauce. According to her, redheads can handle spicy food, so she likes to pile on the spice. She says the heat from the wasabi opens her sinuses and boosts her endorphins. She also says sushi makes her feel happy “from head to toe.” For Drummond, the perfect day involves eating sushi.

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