'The Young and the Restless' Fans Are Ready to See Sally Taken Down

Since its original air date, March 26, 1973, The Young and the Restless has been a popular daytime drama series. It is set in Genoa City, Wisconsin. One of the first things people loved about it was that the creators turned it into a drama that explored human sexuality during the daytime hours, during a time when other soap operas avoided it. 

However, in today’s time, our primary focus is on the characters. Some we love, and some we wish would go away to never return. One prime example of this is how many of The Young and the Restless fans are ready to see Sally taken down for good.

Who is Sally Spectra II?

Sally is a character that moved to Genoa City looking for a fresh start. She is played by Courtney Hope and was formerly on Y+R’s sister show, The Bold and the Beautiful. Her character name stayed the same through the change from one show to the next.

It was a case of an obsession gone wrong that made Sally leave The Bold and the Beautiful. She was in love with Wyatt (Darin Brooks) whose family wanted to be with someone else. He began to fall for Flo as the family’s wanted him to. In an effort to get him back, Sally faked a terminal illness. Flo (Katrina Bowden) found out about it and so Sally kidnapped Flo in an attempt to get him back. 

Wyatt came to the rescue. He found Flo. Sally collapsed, ending up in the hospital. She apologized for everything. Instead of pressing charges, Wyatt told her that she should leave town in an effort to get better.

She left the show in August 2020 and made her first appearance just a couple of months later in November 2020. In her new role, she is still the same character she had previously. She is always up to no good and normally spends her time scheming against someone. 

Fans speak out against Sally

Just because most fans love her style, it doesn’t mean they love Sally. Although only on the show for less than a year, fans are speaking out about Sally. According to one Twitter post, they want everyone to know about Sally’s evil ways to take her down and banish her from Genoa City. 

In Genoa City, Sally finds a new partner in crime in Theo Vanderway (Nic Luken, but he left the show in early 2021), who helps her to plot to get ahead with the Abbott Family. It did not work with Kyle Abbott, but she did manage to become close with Jack Abbot (Terry Lester), a fact which Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) objected to.

To try and prove she wasn’t a bad girl, and fearing that someone would find out about her past, Sally comes clean and confesses to Jack. He puts the brakes on their relationship. Since then, Sally began trying to cause issues with Summer and Kyle, a fact which many fans have serious issues with. 

Is Sally here to stay?

There are rumors that Sally may soon make a run for the border, so to speak. She is a character that runs away and hides randomly if we look at her past history. However, it does not seem that she will be gone for long if she does step off the set for a bit to let the drama fade away. 

There is some question of whether Sally will ever learn her lesson or not. On the one hand, fans do not seem convinced that she could ever change, though Hope does still have hope for it. 

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