Top Boy’s Micheal Ward pays tribute to co-stars after heartbreaking Jamie twist

Top Boy: Netflix releases trailer for second season

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Season two of Top Boy came to a heartbreaking conclusion as Gerald ‘Sully’ Sullivan (played by Kane Robinson) fatally shot Jamie Tovell (Micheal Ward). Fans of the Netflix drama were gobsmacked by the final scenes and now the actor who played the deceased character has shared a tribute to his co-stars on Instagram. 

Micheal shared a series of images from Top Boy’s latest season.

The actor captioned the post: “Just wanna take this opportunity to big up alll the cast and crew, like I feel truly blessed to be on the same cast list as alot of these people. 

“Everyone came together to create something sensational. 

“I don’t have pics for everyone but these talented people deserve all the love!!”

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“KEEP WATCHING if you ain’t finished already. @topboynetflix,” he added. (sic)

Erin Kellyman who stars as the niece of Sully in the drama showed her appreciation with a series of love hearts. 

In the series’ final scene, Jamie is at home with his brothers Aaron Tovell (Hope Ikpoku Jnr.) and Stefan Tovell (Araloyin Oshunremi) when a knock at the door disrupts their dinner. 

The visitor turns out to be Sully who fatally shoots Jamie to stop him from taking over from himself or Dushane Hill (Ashley Walters). 

Sully leaves while Stefan and Aaron are left with their brother’s body. 

Top Gear fans shared their heartbreak at the final scene on Micheal’s post. 

One commented: “Amazing performance sad ending.”

“Finished in 1 day. I fully gasped at the ending,” another wrote. (sic)

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“Final scene got me in my feelings,” a third fan remarked. 

Another urged: “All I know Jamie is that last scene better be a damn dream.”

“You guys are the guest but that last five minutes was uncalled for,” a fifth said.

Someone else agreed: “The last part better be a dream/nightmare.”

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Meanwhile, fans will have to wait to see how the repercussions of Sully’s actions will unfold. 

Stefan and Aaron witnessed Jamie’s murder which means their futures could be at risk. 

Will Sully suffer the consequences of his actions or will Jamie’s murder go unpunished?

Top Boy season two is available to stream on Netflix. 

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