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RAPHAEL ROWE spent almost 12 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

He was wrongfully convicted in 1990 for murder and a series of aggravated robberies.

Who is Raphael Rowe?

Raphael Rowe is an investigative journalist from East London.

He was the first mixed-race reporter on The BBC Six O'Clock News.

He's best known for his work as a reporter on BBC's Panorama and for presenting seasons 2-6 of the Netflix show, Inside The World's Toughest Prisons.

Raphael's report on the murder of BBC presenter Jill Dando in 2001 led to the acquittal of Barry George.

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Barry was found to have been wrongly convicted when discredited forensics evidence re-emerged.

Rowe also took part in the 2018 Pilgrimage series, which saw him on the road to Santiago along with Kate Bottley and Neil Morrissey.

Why was Raphael Rowe sent to prison and who were the M25 Three?

In 1990, Rowe was wrongly sentenced to life in prison for murder and robbery.

He was convicted as part of the M25 Three along with Michael Davis, and Randolph Johnson.

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The victims of the crimes had told the police that there were two attackers in which one was black and one was white, however, the police were convinced that Rowe, Davis, and Johnson – three black males – were responsible.

Victims also described one of the attackers as having blue eyes and light hair, which did not match any of the M25 Three.

Rowe's girlfriend at the time testified against him at the trial, but she later sent him a letter in prison admitting to and apologising for lying.

After a series of appeals the convictions were overturned and they were released from prison on July, 17, 2000.

While in prison Raphael studied journalism via a correspondence course.

How much compensation did Raphael Rowe receive?

Rowe said he believes that compensation is key in enabling people to seek treatment for mental and physical damage they may have suffered in prison.

He said: "Anyone who has been through a miscarriage of justice has suffered a great deal."

He was paid £10,300 from the Daily Mail which had launched an appeal for information.

However, Rowe built up a career in journalism, in which he earned enough money to support himself.

Is Raphael Rowe married and does he have children?

Rowe keeps the details of his personal and family life quiet.

In his memoir, titled Notorious, released in 2020, the journalist revealed that he has a wife and children.

However, this was his first time revealing that he was married.

When Rowe went to prison in 1990, he was a father to a baby boy.

However, when he was released from prison in 2000, he explained that his then-12-year-old son didn’t want to see him because he believed he was a murderer.

In a 2004 interview, Rowe spilled the beans on a woman he started seeing before he was thrown in jail.

He added that they were expecting a child, his second son, in May 2004.

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What is Raphael Rowe's net worth?

According to Company Check, Raphael has a net worth of over £541,000.

This is thanks to his successful career in journalism.


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