David Fuller: Calls for public inquiry into how necrophiliac Bedsit Killer got away with heinous crimes

TOP MPs are demanding a public inquiry into the horrific crimes of sick killer David Fuller.

Tory Greg Clark has written to the Home Secretary and Health Sec asking for a full probe into how the evil sparky was able to abuse 100 bodies in hospital morgues.

MPs are demanding an urgent investigation after sicko Fuller, 67 admitted to the 1987 murders of Wendy Knell, 25, and Caroline Pierce, 20 yesterday.

He also admitted abusing the corpses of at least 99 females aged between nine and 100.

Mr Clark said he and other local MPs were demanding to know how the “most depraved acts that have been heard in British court” could have happened.

The NHS has already launched an investigation but Mr Clark said it was “not sufficient” adding: “To be clear, this is without precedent. There's never been a case in Britain in which the number and the scale of the abuse of dead bodies has been revealed in this way.

“And it raises such important questions as to the security of mortuaries not just in the two local hospitals, but for every hospital in the country.

“Frankly one of those hospitals is a very modern, state-of-the-art one with top security systems. So if it can happen there, it can happen elsewhere.”

“And I do think it's now necessary – as well as obviously seeing Fuller go to jail for what I hope will be the rest of his life – that we move on to ask serious questions as to how this could have happened and we establish that it can never happen again.

“And that is beyond the resources, beyond the capability, of a single local hospital trust.

“That demands a public inquiry, and I along with my neighbouring MPs have written to the Health Secretary and the Home Secretary to ask him to set that up without delay.”

Downing Street said that Prime Minister “shares in the revulsion and concern felt by people across the country” over the crimes.

But they said they would “not rule out” a public inquiry but wanted to let other inquiries into the heinous crimes finish first.

Boris Johnson's spokesman said: "This is a truly shocking case and the Prime Minister shares in the revulsion and concern felt by people across the country. 

"The sickening nature of these crimes is very difficult to comprehend and while words cannot describe the pain inflicted on these families the Prime Minister has been profoundly moved by some of the experiences that have been shared.

"His thoughts are also with Wendy Knell and Caroline Pierce, who were brutally killed over 30 years ago.

"And while nothing will ever take away their pain he hopes seeing justice finally done will provide their families with some comfort."

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