Flash mob of bikers invade Argentine gas station, speed away with fuel

Shocking moment flash mob of 60 bikers invade gas station, perform stunts, then speed off on motorcycles with stolen fuel: Attendant called 911 SIX TIMES but got no help

  • A surveillance camera at a gas station in Buenos Aires, Argentina, captured a mob of bikers fueling their motorcycles without paying
  • At least 60 motorcyclists rode into the YPF station, which is operated by the government, on Sunday morning
  • The bikers posted next to several filling stations to refuel while others rode around doing tricks
  • Attendants called 911 on six different occasions to ask for help, but no officers were dispatched until the bikers had fled

A flash mob of bikers were caught on camera stealing fuel from a gas station in Argentina on Sunday.

The bizarre incident took place after 3am local time at a government-run service station in the Buenos Aires town of Bernal at the intersection of San Martín and Zapiola avenues.

Surveillance footage showed a YPF gas station attendant refueling an SUV across from where a pickup truck and another vehicle were parked. 

Within a matter of seconds about 60 bikers rode into the gas station and started fueling their own motorcycles while others did stunts with their bikes.

Bikers slowly pulled into a YPF gas station that is operated by the government in Bernal, Argentina, on Sunday before about 60 motorcyclist refueled their bikes for free and escaped

At least 60 motorcyclists rode into a gas station and refueled for free before escaping Sunday in Bernal, a city in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires. At least six calls were placed to 911 before police were dispatched

A biker performs a stunt in the middle of the gas station while other motorcyclists steal fuel 

While the owner of a pickup truck was able to drive out of the gas station without any issues, the person in the vehicle that was being refueled and the driver of a mini van that was parked next to the pickup could not leave the site.

According to Argentine news network TN, the gas station attendants called 911 on six occasions.

A patrol from a police precinct located five blocks away arrived after the bikers and no arrests were made.

It’s unknown how much money the gas station lost due to the fuel that was stolen.

Buenos Aires congressman Cristian Ritondo, who leads the Republican Proposal in the lower house of the National Congress, took to Twitter to slam governor Axel Kicillof and security minister Sergio Berni for devoting more time to the investigation into the failed assassination attempt of Vice President Cristina Fernández instead of combating crime in the province.

Fernández was walking to her apartment in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recolecta last Thursday when Brazilian national Fernando André Sabag approached her and held his Bersa 380 pistol just inches from her face before it got jammed after he pulled the trigger.

‘The flash mob attack piranha is a perfect picture of the decomposition of the Province: 60 motorcyclists stealing and mocking themselves in front of the cameras,’ Ritondo wrote.

‘During my tenure as Buenos Aires minister of security, we multiplied the operations, seized more than 30,000 motorcycles and also promoted the law against motorcycles,’ he added. ‘When there is a political decision, there are no excuses.’

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