Mom who ‘sent daughter, 3, to daycare alone in Lyft cab let her three-week-old baby die as she drank beer years earlier'

A MOM who sent her three-year-old to daycare alone in a Lyft allegedly let her newborn baby die as she drank Coors beer all night.

Stephanie Goddu, 35, from Manchester, New Hampshire, was reportedly previously arrested after cops found her infant daughter dead in October 2015.

She is now facing fresh charges of endangering the welfare of a child and resisting arrest, after cops attended her home when she failed to pick her children up from daycare.

The baby was reportedly found "stiff" in a car seat inside Goddu’s bedroom at 341 Kimball Street, while she was in the bathroom drooling and incoherent with dilated pupils in 2015.

Authorities said Goddu often left her newborn, identified as Eleoaine Sanchez, in the care of her eight-year-old daughter, while she drank Coors beer all night, according to Crime Online.

The eight-year-old allegedly told authorities that she thought her mother did not like Eleoaine – recalling a time Goddu, named Camello at the time, had put a blanket over the baby's head.

The child was expected to feed, change and care for the baby overnight according to court documents, reported WMUR9 in April, 2016.

It was alleged Goddu indulged in "excessive drinking" that caused her to trip and fall with the newborn in her arms on one occasion, causing the child injuries.

Manchester police prosecutor Carrissa Pelletier previously said: “As you’re aware from the affidavit, it appears she failed to provide duty of care for her minor children.

This is a significant neglect to involve excessive drinking and tripping with an infant in her arms, causing injury.”

Although Goddu was never charged with the death of her baby, she was charged with reckless conduct and two counts of child endangerment.

She now faces charges after police were notified that Goddu had failed to collect her two young children from day care.

Her three-month-old baby was found "covered in urine" in a carrier seat, within six feet of an electric heater.

“The baby was found to be strapped to an infant carrier seat, and was wearing extremely warm clothing and a blanket,” Manchester police spokesperson, Heather Hamel, said.

Her three-year-old daughter had been taken to day care by a Lyft driver January 4, unaccompanied by an adult.

“The child arrived safely, but was alone in the vehicle,” police said.

Staff at the child care center told police they could not contact Goddu by phone and raised concerns about her three-month-old baby.

Police say the mother barricaded herself inside her apartment, before she was found being "incoherent and disorientated".

Her reluctance to surrender resulted in her also being charged with resisting arrest.

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