Rebekah Vardy denies 'selective amnesia' over claims in Sun newspaper

Rebekah Vardy denies having ‘selective amnesia’ over ’embarrassing’ claims in newspaper that she was the ‘unofficial leader of the WAGs’ in article denying sex ban within England squad at 2018 World Cup

  • Rebekah Vardy denies branding herself ‘unofficial leader of WAGs’ in interview
  • Vardy alleged to hint the England squad were not on sex ban at 2018 World Cup
  • The trial has heard details of life inside Wags’ bubble, including bitter rivalries 
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Rebekah Vardy has denied having ‘selective amnesia’ following ’embarrassing’ claims made in a newspaper article that said she was the ‘unofficial leader of the WAGs’, a high court has heard.

The TV personality was today questioned by Coleen Rooney’s lawyer over a story in which she was alleged to have confirmed the England squad were not on a sex ban during the 2018 World Cup.

The article featured in The Sun, titled ‘Becky Vardy reveals the secret to England’s World Cup success is down to the lads getting to spend time with their WAGs’, allegedly featured a naked Rebekah draped in St George’s flag.

It said England’s successful run in the tournament was down to their manager, Gareth Southgate, ‘giving the lads the freedom to score – with their wives and girlfriends.’

Rebekah is alleged to have hinted that sex hadn’t been explicitly forbidden as ‘there is no proof it hinders performance’.

The article described Rebekah, 40, as the ‘unofficial leader of the WAGs’, the High Court heard.

When asked by Mrs Rooney’s barrister David Sherborn if those were her words, Rebekah denied the phrase and claimed it was from the journalist who wrote the story.  

Rebekah said: ‘No it was his and it’s quite an embarrassing statement.’

During his cross-examination, Mr Sherborne accused Rebekah of ‘having selective amnesia’.

The Wagatha Christie case centres around a 2019 social media post by Coleen, 36, in which she said she had planted fake stories on her private Instagram account and accused Rebekah of leaking them to The Sun.

Rebekah Vardy (seen in a court sketch giving evidence) has denied having ‘selective amnesia’ following ’embarrassing’ claims made in a newspaper article that said she was the ‘unofficial leader of the WAGs’, a high court has heard

The TV personality (pictured) was today questioned by Coleen Rooney’s lawyer over a story in which she was alleged to have confirmed that there was no sex ban within the England squad during the 2018 World Cup 

Coleen leaving her London hotel earlier this morning – still wearing an orthopaedic boot on her left leg following an accident at home 

Rebekah, who is married to Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, denied the claim, and launched a libel case when Coleen refused to take down the post.

Earlier today, the High Court heard how Rebekah received a text from her agent, Caroline Watt, announcing ‘it was me’ after Coleen first publicly claimed that someone had been leaking stories from her private Instagram.

Asked by Mr Sherborne why did not challenge her, Rebekah said it was because she had been ‘watching Dancing on Ice’ and was distracted by Gemma Collins’s infamous ‘face-plant’.

In another bizarre exchange, the barrister referred to Ms Watt’s claim that she had lost her phone after it had fallen off a boat into the North Sea.

He said it was now ‘lying at the bottom of sea in Davy Jones’ locker’,’ only for Rebekah to ask the court: ‘Who is Davy Jones?’

Early in today’s session, Mr Sherborne quizzed Rebekah about a series of messages she exchanged with her agent which allegedly show them working together to organise the 2018 World Cup paparazzi photo.

The group of WAGs in the snap included Marcus Rashford’s girlfriend Lucia Loi, Kyle Walker’s partner Annie Kilner and Harry Maguire’s fiancée Fern Hawkins – who was left ‘upset and embarrassed’ when it emerged in the media.

In this court sketch, Coleen is seen taking notes while sitting next to her husband, Wayne – her Chanel handbag alongside her on the table 

Coleen left the hotel holding a coffee and an iPhone in a pink case, while her husband Wayne carried a leather handbag with a file inside. Both smiled for the photographers 

Rebekah said Ms Watt had arranged for a photographer to take pictures of her as she left her hotel but denied giving the photographer the location of either the hotel or the restaurant where the WAGs were having dinner.

The court heard Rebekah texted Ms Watt about travel arrangements from the hotel to the restaurant. There were exchanges about last minute changes in travel arrangements on the night.

Mr Sherborne suggested that a message to Ms Watt which said, ‘I have bought about 10 minutes’ referred to the fact Rebekah was delaying some of the women from posting a group photograph on social media because a photographer hiding in the bushes by the hotel had taken a picture of them all and they ‘didn’t want to lose their exclusive’.

In response, Rebekah said, ‘Well, it reads like that’ but said she ‘couldn’t recall’ the details due to the amount of alcohol she had consumed. ‘The plans changed,’ she added. ‘I recall it may have been raining. No one wants to walk when they’re dressed up in the rain.’

A court drawing of Rebekah as she gave evidence on the third day of the Wagatha Christie trial today 

Mr Sherborne accused Rebekah of changing her story about what happened and reminded her that she had signed a statement of truth when she made legal declarations, risking a contempt of court action if she lied.

‘You can’t get your story straight,’ he said to her, adding that this was ‘because you’re lying’.

Mr Sherborne asked Rebekah why she was ‘pulling a face’ when he said he was going to refer to a witness statement made by the FA’s family liaison officer, Harpreet Robertson.

Rebekah – who has claimed the representative took an instant dislike to her – said: ‘Because it was Ms Robertson again.’

Quoting from the statement, Mr Sherborne Ms Robertson said other members of the group and a member of the England squad were upset that they had been ‘set up’ as they were not looking to court publicity.

Rebekah replied: ‘This is the first that I’ve heard of it.’

The trial continues. 

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