Snake found curled up beneath a MICROWAVE inside a government office

Deadly eastern tiger snake is found beneath a microwave in a office kitchen – and reptile had enough venom to kill all six workers inside the room

  • Eastern tiger snake found under a microwave inside a Melbourne office kitchen
  • Wrangler Mark Pelley was called to the Templestowe building to move the snake
  • He said the eastern tiger had enough venom to kill all six workers in the room

Office workers were left shocked after a highly venomous snake poked its head out from beneath their kitchen microwave. 

The metre-long eastern tiger snake was found curled up behind the appliance in the staff kitchen of the Parks Victoria office at Templestowe in Melbourne.  

Veteran wrangler Mark Pelley was called to the scene to remove the deadly snake on January 11.

A deadly eastern tiger snake has been caught hiding under a microwave 

‘I opened the cupboard, which had the microwave inside, and a head popped out from underneath,’ Mr Pelley told the Herald Sun.

He removed the microwave from the cupboard and safely caught the snake in minutes.

Mr Pelley said the snake was likely seeking shelter from the hot weather.

He said it was the first time he had been called to remove a snake from beneath a microwave in all his years working across Australia.

Mr Pelley told The Australian that the snake had enough venom to kill all of the six staff members present in the office.

Melbourne’s best known snake catcher, Mark Pelley, caught the snake 

The eastern tiger is considered the fifth most deadly snake in the world, with venom strong enough to kill a victim within an hour of a bite.  

‘They leave you alone if you leave them alone, but if you try to pick them up or kill them they’ll bite you,’ Mr Pelley said.

Staff members at the office were able to stay calm and praised Mr Pelley once he caught the snake.  

The snake had enough venom to kill all of the six staff members present in the office but luckily no one was harmed. Pictured: Mark Pelley holding one of his previous catches

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