Stripper who claims Prince Harry gave her his pants is selling them

Stripper who claims Prince Harry gave her his PANTS during night in Las Vegas when he was pictured partying with no clothes on says she is selling them because he has become ‘such a bore’

  • Carrie Reichert, formerly a high-end dominatrix in Vegas, is selling the pants
  • She says Prince Harry gave her his underwear in 2012 at a wild private party
  • The pants are a memento of when the Duke of Sussex was fun, Carrie’s rep said
  • Previously, Carrie has integrated the raunchy keepsake into a striptease act
  • Once on public display at a museum of erotica, the pants will now go to auction 

A former stripper who claims Prince Harry handed her his underwear during a night out in Las Vegas will be auctioning the garment off to the highest bidder. 

Carrie Reichert, who once worked in Sin City as a dominatrix called Lady Dominique, said the prince handed her his pants after a wild night out ten years ago.

She claims she was given the memento on the same night Prince Harry infamously stripped down to his crown jewels and was photographed hugging a woman in his VIP Las Vegas suite while totally naked in 2012.

British-born Carrie’s representative said Prince Harry had become a ‘bore’ in recent years, but that the pants served as a reminder of his wild past.

‘When he partied in Vegas, everyone loved him and his sense of fun. 

Prince Harry was infamously caught on camera at a raunchy party in Las Vegas in 2012, in which he stripped down to his crown jewels while allegedly singing Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ and playing air guitar with a pool cue

Kensington Palace has previously said Ms Reichert (pictured) was not among those invited back to the Prince’s VIP suite that evening

‘At least these pants are a reminder of what he used to be like… when Harry was the fun prince’, the former stripper’s representative said, according to The Mirror.

The statement continued: ‘Harry has become such a bore, it’s a real shame.

‘He’s all po-faced and serious these days. 

‘Even as a married dad of two, he should still let his hair down now and again – what’s left of it anyway.’

Carrie will also be auctioning off the dress and swimsuit she wore to the 2012 Las Vegas bash, and she believes the raunchy items could sell for £800,000.

The former stripper used to charge £4,000 for a single session with clients. 

She said when she entered Prince Harry’s exclusive party at the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas hotel in August 2012, he was already naked.

According to her account, the Duke of Sussex was using a pool cue as an air guitar while belting out Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ – using just a glove to hide his genitals from fellow revellers. 

Carrie has made ample use of the pants over the decade, incorporating them into a striptease act at Las Vegas’ Hustle Club – where the auction will take place – and even loaning them out to Sin City’s Erotic Heritage Museum for public display. 

Carrie’s account contrasts sharply with Prince Harry’s current-day persona, with the Duke of Sussex having given a solemn speech earlier this week to the United Nations in which he urged global leaders to take more action against climate change.

California-based Prince Harry, 37, has two children – Archie and Lilibet – with his wife Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.

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