Vegan outrage over Sainsbury's Christmas card

Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s forced to apologise to vegans over jokey Christmas card showing chilly farmyard swines mistakenly being excited about becoming pigs in blankets

  • Vegans have vowed to boycott Sainsbury’s over ‘offensive’ Christmas cards
  • One card featured pigs waiting the delivery of blankets to keep them warm 

Furious animal lovers have blasted Sainsbury’s over their playful Christmas cards – claiming it’s ‘OFFENSIVE to vegans’ to picture chilly pigs ‘excited to be getting blankets’.

One shopper at the Charlton store in London took umbrage when they spotted one of the retail giant’s offerings featuring  a suitably festive scene. 

A thought bubble above the pigs read: ‘Don’t worry, I hear we’re getting some blankets!’.

After sharing their disgust at the ‘cruel and unkind’ card on social media, others have branded it ‘bleak’ and ‘sad’, claiming it’s ‘offensive’ to vegan, vegetarian and animal-loving consumers.

One person even vowed to never shop at the supermarket again, while others branded the complaint hogwash and replied ‘it’s called dark humour, get over it’.

Many others joined in to brand them ‘grim’, ‘sick’, ‘disgusting’, ‘terrible’ and ‘horrible’.

Shoppers at Sainsbury’s have expressed their outrage about a display of Christmas cards available in early November at their store in Charlton, London

The retailer was alerted over social media that seasonal goodwill to all was subject to terms and conditions 

However Sainsbury’s didn’t apologise for the humorous card and simply said they ‘welcomed customer feedback on this year’s designs’.

The original complainant, who bizarrely had no qualms in buying the store’s ‘quite cute’ pigs in blankets Christmas decorations, posted their complaint to X, formerly known as Twitter, on November 4th.

Their tweet reads: ‘Hello Sainsbury’s, I know everyone’s sense of humour is different but I think this is the saddest, unkindest Xmas card I’ve ever seen.

‘I wonder if you’ll sell lots of them.

‘I saw the card in Sainsbury’s and thought it was unkind, sad and not really very funny.

‘I’m not trying to get it banned. Just wanted to point out that it’s not a funny or seasonal card.’

One person on social media vowed they would never shop with the retailer, whose turnover last year was £31.5bn, after seeing an image of the card online 

Since sharing the tweet on X, many other shoppers have also blasted the festive greetings card as untasteful.

One user wrote: ‘That’s awful. Shame on you, Sainsbury’s. That is very offensive to vegetarians, vegans and basically animal lovers.’

Another commented: ‘Sainsbury’s, this is offensive.’

A third wrote: ‘I eat pork, but yeah. That’s incredibly bleak and sad.’

A fourth added: ‘I won’t even be shopping in Sainsbury’s now. They are not a very trustworthy brand if someone thought this was a good idea.’

A fifth said: ‘All the big players being called out for their tasteless ads this year.’

Since posting a photo of the card on X, Sainsbury’s have acknowledged the tweet and replied to the shopper apologising about the tone of the card and said they have passed the complaint onto the relevant department for an internal review.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: ‘We offer a wide range of festive cards and welcome customer feedback on this year’s designs.’

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