We don’t want a Wetherspoons in our town – we’re too posh…it’ll attract yobs | The Sun

RESIDENTS of a posh town have kicked off over plans to open a Wetherspoons as they think it will attract yobs to their high class area.

Locals in Wetherby, near Leeds, are begging Spoons bosses not to take over a former upmarket Italian restaurant.

They believe the new budget boozer will tarnish their classy borough and are pleading with Wetherspoons owner, Tim Martin, to “find somewhere more suitable in another town”.

Grandparents Christina and Derek Brown, 76 and 75, are mourning the loss of posh Sant’ Angelos – and are scared of the new crowd the pub will attract.

Derek told Manchester Evening News: “It’s not very good. I don’t like Wetherspoon. They tend to create a disturbance. There’s a lot of drunkenness and unpleasant behaviour.

“It was always a conservative unit, there was a lot of activity but there was never any fuss. It was packed out and it was so supported, it’s just a shame the family are no longer running it.”

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Christina said: “Oh my lovely Sant’ Angelos. I don’t want it to close.

“It is such lovely place. We know the whole family and they’re gorgeous. My family will miss it. It was vibrant, we frequented it nearly every other week.”

Derek added: “We don’t need another pub.

“Go and find another more suitable venue in another town. How about Sheffield or somewhere like that?”

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Meanwhile James Jones, 82, believes the lure of a cheap pint won’t work on the “conservative” residents.

Hesaid: “I’m very sad about Sant’ Angelo closing. We’d go for special occasions as it was bloody expensive.

“Wetherspoon will be radically different – as long as the building is being used, I don’t mind. 

“This is a very conservative town with their noses in the air, how he [Tim Martin] is going to appeal to people like that, I don’t know.”

Wetherspoons has tried to reassure the angry locals – offering to meet with ticked off residents.

Spokesman Eddie Gershon said: “The company has built up a wide range of policies and procedures to ensure its pubs do not cause disturbance and noise to its neighbours.

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“Should the company be granted the necessary permissions for the proposed pub, we will be happy to meet with residents prior to opening to answer any questions that they might have.

“It is not our experience that when Wetherspoon opens a pub, that it has a negative effect on other businesses in a town. Instead, the pub can attract more visitors to the town centre, who will visit other shops and venues to the benefit of the area as a whole.”

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