I'm trapped in my property after council refused to put a ramp in – I can't leave without my scooter… it's a disgrace | The Sun

A DISABLED dad has been left trapped at home after the council refused him a grant to put in a mobility ramp at his bungalow.

Andy Gunn, who has a spinal condition which limits the use of his legs, relies on a mobility scooter.

But he is now trapped on his property in Kilburn, Derbyshire because there are steps from his front door to the street.

He moved into the property in May this year because he "couldn't manage" his previous two-bedroom flat just around the corner and was offered the bungalow by Futures Housing Group.

Of the dozen or so similar homes on the site, his is the only one with steps but he said Futures told him he would be better off taking the property and applying for a grant to put in the ramp, rather than trying to get one installed before moving in.

He said Futures refused to put in the ramp themselves because it was too expensive and told him to apply for a grant from the council.


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Andy was then set up for appointments with occupational therapists and doctors as part of the application and was visited by a council official to take pictures of his front garden to assess.

Then last week he was told his details had been passed to a surveyor so they could measure for a ramp.

However, even after he "jumped through all these hoops", he only received a decision on Monday morning.

The council reportedly denied his application because, while they accepted he was disabled, he was is not wheelchair bound and so did not qualify.

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Andy told The Sun: "I'm not wheelchair-bound but I am housebound… I'm disabled but I'm not disabled enough apparently."

He uses a walking stick, with which he can walk around the house and garden but struggles to get out the front door, making going anywhere further impossible without his mobility scooter.

He has to get his son or ex-wife to go for him, as well as maintaining the garden and other jobs.

Even if they help him get the mobility scooter up the steps, which he cannot do alone, he relies on them to drive him to his destination.

Andy does have another scooter with a longer range, but that is currently in storage at his ex-wife's because it is too big and heavy to get up or down the steps

He said: "It's about independence…I want to do things myself

"I need to get out sometimes, we all do. We had enough of being indoors in lockdown."

He added that the fact that he's "not disabled enough" will "ring in my ears forever."

"I've had enough now. This is my life they're messing with."

The council have apparently offered to put a shed in the front garden where he could keep his mobility scooter, but that is also accessed by steps and so would not solve the issue, said Andy.

Despite his ordeal, he maintained that he "loves" living where he does and that "the neighbours are great" but he needs a ramp in order to live a full life.

A Derbyshire County Council spokesperson said: “We are aware of the issues raised by Mr Gunn. Unfortunately due to location of his property a ramp is not practical or suitable due to the significant height difference between the kerb level and the ground floor of his home.

"This is exacerbated by a lack of space to achieve the necessary maximum 1:12 gradient.

"We do recognise his need to be able to get out and about in the community on his scooter and his case worker is currently exploring the potential for an alternate option with his landlord."

The statement added that they would update Andy as soon as possible.

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Sarah Wyke, Director of Housing for Futures Housing Group, said: “We’re committed to supporting Mr Gunn. Unfortunately the costs of installing a ramp at this property are very high and way above what we would normally be able to offer our customers."

"As he did not qualify for a local authority grant to pay for the work we will be working with Mr Gunn to explore other ways of helping him manage his access needs and live independently."

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