What is the Stephen Lawrence centre and can I visit it?

WHAT is the Stephen Lawrence centre?

Here's what we know.

What is the Stephen Lawrence centre?

The Stephen Lawrence Centre is both a memorial and a place of inspiration in honour of Stephen Lawrence, the architectural student murdered in 1993.

The Centre in Lewisham, London, opened in autumn 2007.

It aims to support everyone in Lewisham who needs it but particularly focuses on improving the life chances of black Caribbean and African young people.

The Centre works closely with partners in the area to tackle underachievement and to increase young people’s motivation to embrace education and overcome barriers to fulfilment.

The Centre comprises meeting rooms, classrooms, IT labs, offices and exhibition spaces.

Why was the Stephen Lawrence centre founded?

It was created in memory of Stephen Lawrence who was killed in an unprovoked, racially motivated attack by a group of youths in 2006.

The centre is a place for "community learning and social research inspiring and motivating young people."

It also acts as a hub where industry, community organisations and educational institutions can exchange information on urban design and regeneration.

As well as being the venue for delivering wider access and opportunity programmes, it hosts community-based programmes for all ages including programmes in IT, creative arts and multimedia.

Can I visit the Stephen Lawrence centre?

It's open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm at 39 Brookmill Road, Lewisham.

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