I’m a catfish and can change my face in seconds – trolls say I look like a ‘dog’ without my glam, who cares | The Sun

A TOOTHLESS woman has revealed that she can change her appearance in seconds.

Sarah Andres, from Edmonton, Canada, often shows off her incredible make-up skills on social media, leaving many totally stunned.

In one recent clip, the self-taught make-up enthusiast, who posts under the name ‘Lashes and Losing’, shared a catfish transformation video of herself going from barefaced, with no front teeth, to all glammed up with a full set of pearly whites.

In the short video, we first saw the 35-year-old with a make-up free face, her hair scraped back and her two front teeth missing.

In response to a rude comment from a troll which simply read “dog”, Sarah clapped back and proudly showed off her ‘glow up’.

Just seconds later, we saw Sarah’s finished make-up look – with her foundation and contour flawlessly applied.

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Her eyebrows were perfectly styled into place and her bold eye make-up look was finished with warm pink tones.

She wore a large pair of fake, fluttery eyelashes and her lips were lined and finished with lipstick and lip gloss.

She also wore her long blonde hair down and styled and had put in her clip-in veneers to finish off the glamorous look.

Alongside the catfish transition clip, Sarah mimed along to an audio that said: “B***h, you know I’m sexy. Don’t call, just text me.

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The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @lashesandlosing, has clearly left many stunned, as it was shared just three days ago, but has quickly amassed a staggering 297,800 views.

Social media users rushed to the comments to share their love and support for Sarah. 

One person said: “You are so beautiful with and without makeup with a heart of gold.”

Another added: “With or without makeup, I think you’re genuinely beautiful.”

A third commented: “You are GORGEOUS!! Anyone who says anything negative is just jealous.”

However, not everyone was as kind, as the mean trolls were out in full force.

One user claimed: “Definition of a catfish.”

A second chimed in: “Imagine waking up to that the next morning when the makeup comes off. Can’t say you’re sexy with all that makeup on.”

A third wrote: “I honestly think makeup should be banned.”

Whilst someone else penned: “200 kilos of makeup.”

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To this, Sarah clapped back and joked: “300 actually.” 

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