I'm trolled for my eyes… meanies say they're so far apart I look like Sid the Sloth from Ice Age & call me the Avatar | The Sun

LIKE all things in life, human bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

But one woman has suddenly found herself in the centre of trolling due to her appearance – Russian-speaking beauty Barbie Scamka (@bbarbik666).

Barbie, believed to be in her 20s, regularly shares videos rocking figure-hugging garments to show off her curves – but it's not the outfits that have made her an internet sensation.

The young woman, who has over a whopping 255k fans on TikTok, has been called Sid the Sloth because some reckon her eyes are positioned wider than 'normal'.

Many have even compared her looks to the fictional movie character, the Avatar, and have found a striking resemblance between her and Dora from Finding Nemo.

But although Barbie hasn't yet addressed all the mean comments left by TikTok users, she has also amassed herself quite a few hopeful Romeos.

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Whilst some have been left speechless by her beauty, others have even expressed their feelings, like this bloke: ''Think I'm in love.''

''Hello most beautiful lady,'' another penned in hoped Barbie would say ''hi'' back.

However, it appears that such nice comments are far and few – for the most part, the young woman remains trolled… and it's not just the eyes people make remarks on.

After watching some of Barbie's videos, some have observed that she must be full of herself, always asking a pal to film her in public places.

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One such clip sees the Russian-speaking woman sip a coffee whilst walking inside a store and pretending she can't see the camera.

Unsure of what they had just watched, one was baffled: ''who do you think you are.''

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Someone else added: ''Walking as if she on the red carpet and all eyes on her, FAM YOUR IN THE MALL.''

''She definitely cant cook borsch,'' a third chuckled.

Unfortunately, Barbie is not the first woman to be trolled for her appearance – one beauty was recently branded a ''neckfish'' after revealing her neck.

As the name suggests, the concept of neckfishing involves people's necks not fitting the 'normal' standards – and one neck in particular has taken the internet by storm.

The neck in question belongs to a young woman, Bellela Colas (@bellela.colas), from the sunny coasts of California.

In one video, which has gone viral, racking up close to 210,000 views, the stunner could be seen posing to the camera, with her sleek hair styled so that you can't see her neck fully.

Then, at the very end of the video, the beauty stopped posing and with her hair behind her bag in a messy bun revealed what was really going on.

With her neck larger the usual, people were quick to jump to the comments and say that she was neckfishing.

In another, more recent clip, Bellela said that people would often ask if her neck was indeed ''that big''.

But whilst many said she was a neckfish, the 18-year-old has amassed herself a notable following, many of whom say that she's beautiful either way.

''You mad pretty so who cares,'' one person commented.

Nonetheless, some trolls were also in full force, with some demanding she shared her workout routine – perhaps indicating the reason her neck is as big is to do with vigorous exercise.

A second meanie even said that this was something they never wanted to happen to them.

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''New fear unlocked [lock emoji].''

''Im in the wrong “neck” of the woods [sic],'' someone else joked.

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