Mates said my house was 'gross' and 'hideous' when I bought it – they’re so envious now, it’s a total dream | The Sun

A HOMEOWNER has revealed how they transformed a 1930s doer upper they bought that their friends originally blasted as “gross” and “hideous”. 

Now, they’ve had the last laugh as they say it’s their dream place and everyone else agrees too. 

TikTok user @the_cyclists_abode, has a social media account dedicated to their big home transformation. 

Opening up about the process, they explained: “I bought my 1930s fixer upper and they thought I was mad!” 

But luckily it has proven to be a risk that has more than paid off, as not only does it look better than ever, but it’s also gone up in price.

They continued: “Invest in a property below market value, decorate how you want it and increase the value.”

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Then, alongside footage of the home looking run-down and in need of a good lick of paint, they added: “I bought a 1930s fixer upper and didn’t have the money to renovate it.

“Some people said… ‘It’s hideous’, ‘gross’, and ‘you’re crazy’ and now…”

The clip then cuts to show what the house looks like now with a song titled “This Is What Dreams Are Made Of” playing over the top. 

As seen in the video, the home now looks totally different and has an almost show home look with beautiful, neutral rooms and stylish accessories. 

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The social media’s users agree, describing the decor as “beautiful”, “gorgeous” and “absolutely stunning.”

@the_cyclists_abode also opened up about how happy they were with what they’d achieved, especially when people doubted they’d be able to do it.

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One of their followers commented: “That’s because they didn’t have your amazing vision,” they replied: “Thank you so much.

“It’s so hard having to justify my plans all the time. They didn’t understand. Still have to pinch myself, so grateful.” 

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