My 20-year-old sister made a POWERPOINT of lavish Christmas gifts – including £800 iPhone, £370 Apple watch & a PUPPY

IT'S tough to know what to buy loved ones at Christmas, realistically how many ties will your dad be wearing now we all work from home, and does your sister actually need another Boots gift set?

One woman decided to tackle this dilemma head on by penning a powerpoint presentation with details of the Christmas presents she would like.

The extensive list featured some high ticket items, including an iPhone 13, Apple Watch and a "real puppy".

Her sister Jacqlyne took to TikTok to share the funny message with her followers.

She said that as a family they usually have a shared Google doc where they upload their requests.

But younger sister Jolyssa, thought this wasn't enough detail for her loved ones so upped the ante with a slide deck.

Jacqlyne said: "Let me show you guys how ridiculous my sister is around Christmas."

She then ran through the presentation, starting with the first slide entitled: "Why did I make a PowerPoint for my own Christmas list?"

She read on: "I have broken down my Christmas list into detailed slides explaining each item.

"These items in this presentation are exactly what I would like for Christmas this year.

"I don't want to hear anyone complaining that they don't know what to get me this year. Please try to follow the original list or this presentation. Thank you and Merry Christmas."

The amused sister continued her tour with the various slides of items her sister had requested this year.

She said: "First up is an Apple Watch and she was so kind as to include the price and where to buy them.

"We've got the entire Fenty skincare set. She didn't include where to buy it or the price so zero out of ten for that.


"Now on her original Christmas list, she stated she only wanted a weighted blanket but on the slideshow, she will accept something cheaper so thank you for that.

"Now we've got shoes. She included her size in both men and women and put pictures along with the descriptions. She left out the price though so…

"We've made it to the make-up portion and she included the share names, thank you for that. I don't know where she thinks we're going to be able to get the Billie Eilish perfume, but, dream big."

The optimistic sister also included gold jewellery, candles, film for her camera and gift cards for various popular shops.

But she didn't stop there, she also offered a selection of "stocking stuffer" ideas as little items Santa may want to leave in her stocking.

I don't know where she thinks we're going to be able to get the Billie Eilish perfume, but, dream big.

The cheeky post has been liked more than 725k times by TikTokers amused withJolyssa's presentation.

One person said: "She put the price for the Apple Watch to make sure she isn't getting an older gen."

Another said: "She said 'iPhone 13 blue' ARE Y'ALL RICH RICH OR SUM."

A third said: "She gave options, we love a compromising queen."

Jolyssa herself pitched in and commented: "No one ever knows what to get me. I'm just helping y'all out!"

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