Top signs that show he’s just not that into you this Valentine’s Day – from you calling him to not meeting his pals

VALENTINE’S Day can be a total dream or a disastrous nightmare, depending on your relationship status. 

But in some cases, your partner, potential suitor or Valentine could be dropping subtle or obvious hints that there’s an issue in your romance. 

Whatever your situation is, Valentine’s Day during a global pandemic is bound to be a bit tough. 

But it’s still nice to celebrate the annual occasion with your loved one – but only if you’re both on the same page. 

No-nonsense expert and etiquette influencer Lisa Mirza Grotts revealed there’s plenty of signs that show your man might not be as into you as he’s telling you. 

From flirting with other ladies in front of you to making no effort on the special day, there are many tell-tale factors that show he’s not really into you.

The etiquette expert and Golden Rules Gal said women all around the world need to keep their eyes and ears peeled this Valentine’s Day for these top warning signs to avoid getting their feelings hurt. 

And if you hear any of these phrases or spot any of these signs, ‘move on!’, says the expert. 


1.  He doesn’t ask you out on Valentine’s Day 

Etiquette influencer Lisa said this is one of the most obvious signs that your partner isn’t really into you – despite what he may be saying. 

Sharing her best dating advice if your partner doesn’t ‘ask you out on Valentine’s Day’, she said you need to give the cold shoulder back. 

She insisted: “‘If this isn’t a sign I don’t know what it is. But if he asks you out the day of, the answer is, ‘I already have plans’.” 

2.  You call him first and make plans

If you can’t resist picking up the phone and dialing your potential suitor’s number this Valentine’s Day, it shows you are more into them than they are you, says Lisa. 

The expert said: “That’s your queue to move on like the New Year.”

3.  He flirts with other women 

And if this happens in your presence, Lisa insisted it is “disrespectful”. 

She revealed a top sign that a man isn’t really into you is if he has the audacity to flirt with other women in your presence.

She commented: “He may be charming, but to flirt with others in your presence is disrespectful, especially if they're your friends.”

4.  He hasn’t introduced you to his friends

But a huge telltale factor is assessing what you really know about the person you’re dating. 

Have you met his best friends or any of his family members?

If you haven’t, Lisa pointed out that this is a huge red flag and a top sign that your beau isn’t really taking your relationship “seriously.”

She said: “Why hasn’t he introduced you to his friends? If you are important to him, an introduction to friends and family would mean he’s serious.”

5.  He hasn’t done anything nice for you 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for people to declare how much their other halves mean to them – whether this is a romantic gesture or a small hint. 

But if no effort is made at all, no-nonsense expert Lisa said this is a big warning sign that the person isn’t really keen on the relationship. 

She said: “Watch out if he hasn’t done anything nice for you. 

“This means that flowers or champagne will not be happening on the most romantic day of the year.”

6.  It’s all about him

Being confident can be a great personality trait but Lisa said if your partner shows no interest in your life, you should take the hint that maybe he isn’t actually that bothered. 

The etiquette expert said: “This is a situation where it’s all about him. 

“In conversation, he only talks about himself and never bothers to ask anything about you.  That’s #superficial!”

7.  He’s not looking for a relationship 

However the most blatant sign that he’s not really into you is if he tells you that he’s not looking for a relationship.

While this conversation can come in many different forms, Lisa said it is a huge sign if your partner has made this intention clear early on in your romance. 

She commented: “He may tell you he’s focusing on his career or has to travel for business. 

“Either way, these are warning signs that he just wants to be friends.”

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8.  Go with your instinct 

But the top way to spot if your partner isn’t really into you is to go with your gut, says Lisa. 

The expert believes women have this ‘advantage over men’ and it’s worth taking notice of what your own mind is telling you. 

She encouragingly advised: “Go with your gut. Women have the advantage over men with their gut instinct. Listen to it so you don’t get hurt.”

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