Woman transforms run-down caravan into pink palace for just £140

A CREATIVE woman took a run-down £140 caravan and turned it into a vibrant pink paradise.

Hospitality worker and business owner, Angel White, 22, from Hull, picked up the bargain caravan in February this year and used her impressive flair to completely revamp it into a hot pink office.

Angel parted with just £200 to give the office-on-wheels the dramatictransformation in her Barbie-inspired theme.

She said: “I am pink obsessed, and the caravan certainly reflects that. I actually call the caravan Barbie because of the design.

“It is totally revamped to match my personality and is just the loveliest place to work from.”

The 22-year-old uses the bright office space to run her online Etsy store called Angel’s Delights, selling jewellery, tote bags and stickers.

Angel said: “I started the business on last October but it was taking up so much space in the house that is was driving my parents mad.

“I started to look for a studio space to rent in the city centre, but it cost like £900 a month which I thought was extortionate.

“My mum suggested the idea of buying a towing caravan and renovating it and I just loved the idea from the second I heard it.

“We found it on Facebook Marketplace for only £140 and I just couldn’t believe how could a price it was.”

Angel kitted out the space with pink walls, pink seating and pink rugs all installed herself at a cost of £200.

She said: “The caravan had a small amount of damp and mould which was easily sorted, but I was actually so surprised with only spending a total of £340 on the whole process which includes the £140 for the caravan.

“I wanted to be smart with the pricing of the project, but I was under budget on the caravan alone which I was originally hoping to pay £600 for.

“The £200 for renovations paid for the paint for all the walls and cupboards, the new cushions, the rugs and everything else involved to make it how I wanted it to be.

“The cushions for the seating I bought new and were originally a darker brown colour.


"I bought some £5 pink throws and used a hot glue gun to make them fit into the aesthetic of the room. I really enjoy being as creative as possible when designing."

Angel lives with Dad, Rich White, 49, and Mum, Clare White, 42, who she explained are her biggest supporters.

She said: “My parents are the most supportive people ever and have always been really encouraging to follow my dreams.

“My mum always posts updates with my business online and my friends as well are all really happy for me doing something I have always wanted to do.”

Angel wants to encourage others to express their creativity as she didn't always feel encouraged to at school.

She said: “Just go for it, never be afraid to take a risk. I spent so long wondering if it would ever work but you will never know unless you try it.

“I love what I do and have the best office to work from as well, anyone with a goal should take a leap of faith and do it.”

You can look at Angel's Etsy store here.

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