‘I don’t see the point!’: Morrisons More loyalty scheme warning as points set to expire

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The Morrisons More card allows shoppers to earn vouchers while they shop. However, the most recent update means customers will no longer be able to collect points.

The latest update replaces a system where shoppers can earn points when they shop.

Those visiting stores would get five points for every £1 spent in stores.

They could exchange every 5,000 points for £5 worth of vouchers.

However, this system has been replaced by a loyalty app.

Instead of banking points, shoppers have the chance to get instant rewards in stores.

The rewards are set to be personalised and based on what customers usually buy.

The system came into effect on May 9 and shoppers have not been able to collect points since.

However, some may be curious as to what will happen to any points earned before that date.

The retailer has commented on what will happen to any pre-existing earnings.

It stated it would be in touch with customers to ensure they are able to use their points.

Morrisons added shoppers have until August 9 to redeem any unclaimed vouchers.

This means Morrisons customers have just weeks to ensure their points don’t go to waste.

Once redeemed, those visiting branches will have around one year to spend the vouchers.

The new system has been brought in to improve the loyalty system for shoppers.

However, some who have visited Morrisons are not convinced with the changes.

Posting on Twitter, one wrote: “Really disappointed with the changes to the More card. My offers last week saved me £1.69! This week I only have two offers!

“Unless there are going to be in store offers too I don’t see the point in having it anymore.”

“@Morrisons More card biggest mistake was changing it from a points reward card to something that gives you 10 percent off strawberries and tuna, I can get that anywhere,” another claimed.

A third stated: “My Morrisons More card is now in the bin. Shame they won’t restore the points system back.”

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