Missouri Inmate Smuggles Loaded Gun Into Prison in Her Vagina

She said she was just “holding it for another inmate.”

A Missouri woman has been sentenced to ten years after admitting to smuggling a loaded firearm into prison in her vagina.

Amy Wilhite, 39, was arrested on Valentine’s Day on unrelated gun and narcotics charges, and was taken Boone County jail in Columbia.

A pat down search there failed to locate any contraband before she was booked in. A follow up strip search also came up empty handed.

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But a full 17 days later, prison officers were going through her belongings when they discovered a 4-inch .22 caliber revolver, wrapped in a plastic bag — with five fully loaded rounds in the chamber.

In a probable cause statement obtained by The Smoking Gun, investigators alleged Wilhite had “removed the firearm from her body and concealed it within her personal belongings.”

During questioning, the prisoner insisted she was merely “holding onto it” for another cellmate. But having interviewed several other prisoners, they all insisted “Amy was in possession of the firearm.”

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On April 19 she pled guilty to felony delivery or possession of a weapon at a county jail, and was sentenced to ten years.

She also pled guilty to the original gun and drug charges, and was sentenced to five years each.

However, as part of a plea deal, she was permitted to serve both sets of sentences concurrently, meaning a decade in total behind bars.

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