Nearly One Month Later, Coroner Reports Reveal Cause Of Astroworld Deaths As Asphyxia

The tragic event that took place at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival on that fatal day of November 5 still leaves a sour taste in the mouths of fans who supported the 30-year old rapper, Travis Scott. There has been so much controversy over the nature in which the situation was handled by Scott, Drake, the security staff, and the organizers of the event that the 282 victims and their families are suing everyone involved for $2 billion, according to The Guardian. But their frustrations with Travis Scott and the Astroworld organizers have recently been justified following the reports for the cause of death of the 10 persons who perished at the concert.

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Taken from a TMZ report, the coroner’s report from the medical examiner has found the cause of death of the deceased to be ‘compression asphyxia’, or crushing of the lungs to the point of suffocation. That paints an awfully graphic image of what these unsuspecting fans endured in the raving crowd while Scott openly dismissed the screams of desperation from fans seeking assistance. The coroner’s report suggests that all the victims were pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. Out of the ten bodies that were examined, including the youngest casualty on the list, 9-year old Ezra Blount. Telling from their analysis, only one of the deceased perished from a combination of toxic substances, namely cocaine, methamphetamine, and ethanol.

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Live Nation, Asrtroworld, and Travis Scott are being held accountable for attempting to cut corners and not putting the necessary security measures in place to ensure a successful and safe concert. As many are aware, Scott had previously been arrested twice at his own concert for encouraging his audience to defy security measures and storm the stage during his performances.

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The first arrest occurred in 2015 at a Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago, where he was charged with disorderly conduct for “telling fans to come over the barricades.” His second arrest came in 2018 at his first Astroworld Festival performance, where he saw fans pummelling over barricades and fences to enter the festival. He was also arrested and pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, and both arrests led to misdemeanor convictions for the rapper.

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So with the historical evidence provided, there is no excuse why these deaths should have happened. There is no denying the fact that not only did Travis Scott lose significant deals and promotions, like his sneaker release with Nike, but he also lost a monumental amount of respect from his fans, which now puts his entire career as a rapper and entertainer on the line.

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