Dominican League player attacks umpire with bat, helmet in crazy scene

A baseball player in the Dominican Republic was reportedly arrested after he attacked an umpire with his bat and helmet on Sunday.

Video shows batter Elvis LeBron — a former Cubs prospect who has a history of “bad behavior,” according to MLB Insider Hector Gomez — pushing an umpire and knocking him to the ground with his bat, then throwing his helmet at him after being ejected from a Liga Campesina de San José de Ocoa game. 

As if his message weren’t clearly sent, LeBron chased after the ump with his bat as both teams attempted to intervene.

The pair appeared to have a long discussion prior to LeBron’s at-bat, ending in LeBron getting himself tossed. He then blitzed the ump, who reportedly tried to finish the game before going to the hospital. The ump was released, according to the report.

LeBron, after walking off the field surrounded by teammates, was arrested by police, per Gomez.

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