Casualty Christmas death as Iain Dean killed off in horror twist?

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Iain (played by Michael Stevenson) has taken centre stage in the two-part Casualty Christmas special this year and it’s fair to say, it’s been quite dramatic so far. When viewers last saw the beloved paramedic on the BBC medical drama, he had just collapsed as the impact of his van falling off a ravine with him inside started to take effect. In upcoming scenes, his colleagues will race to save his life as they know the clock is against them but with a death confirmed for the conclusion of the festive specials, it seems Iain could be the character bidding farewell to the television show.

The drama will pick up where last week’s episode was left, with Iain being rushed into resus so the team could analyse the extent of the damage the crash caused to his body.

As they think they have got to the cause of the problem, the paramedic goes into cardiac arrest and it’s up to Dylan Keogh (William Beck) to find the answers.

He soon discovers a bleed has been missed because the full radiology scans which were completed on him were never received by the team.

This is because they were outsourced to a foreign company but when the doctors and nurses have the information they need, they pull together to help their friend.

It will be touch and go and viewers will be left wondering if this is the end for the character but those who were watching last week will know there was a big twist involved with these episodes.

Some viewers might have been scratching their heads, wondering why Iain was wearing a red uniform which the air ambulance crew wear rather than the green one he has been wearing in the episode before the Christmas specials.

This is because fans were taken back in time to Christmas 2020 when the Holby City hospital was trying to deal with the surge of patients being admitted with coronavirus.

With Iain being a character in more recent episodes set in the present day, he will survive his ordeal in the festive instalments.

However, this doesn’t mean to say there still won’t be hearts racing to see how the team manage to pull him back from the brink of death.

Taking to Twitter after episode one, viewers were still sceptical about whether the character would pull through, despite this being a flashback instalment.

What happened to Iain?

Casualty viewer

Rach wrote on the social media platform: “Wait wait wait what happened to Iain? #Casualty,” but Liz was confused by another plotline which saw a character from 2006 reappear.

“Very confused by @casualty tonight. Why show something from last year when we know both Charlie and Iain are ok! I was totally lost and how are we expected to remember something from 2006! #casualty,” she posted.

Annie commented: “The minute Iain said he was fine, it was obvious he was going to collapse,” with L sharing: “No! Don’t leave it there! Iain! #Casualty.”

Josh remarked: “I’m not believing in the slightest that Iain will die after all he’s been through-let alone on the most joyful day of the year!”

However, Keziah stated: “What a waste of an episode. It’s a two partner too so lucky us. I just don’t see the point. Charlie and Iain live and we all know that! #Casualty.”

The actor who plays Iain, Michael, returned to the show earlier this year following a temporary hiatus to allow him to spend some time this his family away from the show.

“When the producers got in contact and stuck to their word by asking me to come back, it was a no brainer,” he said.

“It’s home to me. The show has been very good to me and so there was nothing to think about really,” he added before explaining Iain is in a much better place than when he left in 2019.

“It was important to bring him back in a better state of mind. We’ve done the recovery and he has recovered [from his mental health problem].

“But it was important for me to bring him back and not lose the DNA of who he is.”

“Which is someone who seeks a bit of danger, a bit of thrill, and likes to have a fun time. I didn’t want to bring him back and just continue what we did before,” Michael told Digital Spy.

Another character whose life could be in jeopardy in the second part of the Christmas special is that of Charlie Fairhead’s (Derek Thompson).

The stalwart of the show finds himself confronting an angry patient who he treated back in 2006 and diagnosed her with Factitious Disorder.

Although he has been known to treat people with a softer approach than his colleagues, he gets quite angry with the woman from his past.

As she threatens him with a scalpel, they are both thrown to the floor when an oxygen cylinder explodes, but will everyone be ok?

Casualty continues tonight at 9:25pm on BBC One.

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