Craig's obsession over Faye's early menopause goes too far in Coronation Street

Following Faye Windass’ (Ellie Leach) diagnosis with early menopause in Coronation Street, Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) has become committed to insuring that her health remains top priority.

However, in upcoming scenes it seems he may be taking his commitment too far.

Faye was diagnosed with early menopause in May this year following a false positive pregnancy test. Despite Beth (Lisa George) encouraging Craig to break up with her due to the fact that she can no longer have children, he has stayed by her side through the tough time.

However, it appears he has developed an obsession with his research into the condition, to the point where he begins monitoring her nutrition.

Concerned by his attitude, Faye informs Beth and Sally of the development, in the hopes of receiving some advice.

Things go a step further when Craig and Faye visit Speed Daal for a meal and Craig pulls out a nutrition chart that he’s made, in order to compare it to the menu.

Is Craig’s obsession getting out of hand? How will his actions affect their relationship?

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