Daisy is devastated to have ruined Ryan's life twice in Corrie

Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) is struggling to cope in the aftermath of Ryan Connor’s (Ryan Prescott) acid attack in Coronation Street.

We know, of course, that Ryan was never the intended victim for the acid attack, as Justin (Andrew Still) threw the liquid at Daisy, only for it to hit Ryan when he jumped between the two of them.

As Ryan continues to adapt to his new life, he is clinging onto a shred of his old reality by messaging Crystal, the Ibiza rep he met days before Justin threw acid at him.

However, what Ryan doesn’t know is that Crystal stopped speaking to him ages ago – it’s actually Daisy on the other end of the phone.

In future episodes, Daisy continues to spend quite a bit of time with Ryan, which makes Daniel (Rob Mallard) feel jealous.

Later on, alone in the flat, Ryan’s overcome by a wave of pain and instinctively decides to call Crystal.

In the pub, Daisy ignores the call but when it rings again, she texts Ryan back, pretending to be Crystal.

As the week continues, Daisy pops by to see Ryan, who reveals that he’s going to give Crystal a call.

When he does, Daisy puts on a fake voice and, in a bit to put him off her, rudely makes out that she prefers country music to club tunes.

Sadly, Daisy’s plan backfires as Ryan tells Crystal in a voice message that he’s going to book a ticket to Ibiza to go and see her.

Caught in her web of lies, Daisy advises Ryan against flying to Ibiza which leaves him confused, how does Daisy know that he was considering it?

Is this the moment she reveals the truth about Crystal?

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