'Dexter: New Blood' Episode 4 'H Is for Hero': 3 Nods to the Original Series Fans Can't Stop Talking About

“H is for Hero” marks the 100th episode of Dexter. Fortunately for fans of the Showtime series, Dexter: New Blood changes very little about Dexter Morgan’s past from the characters to the story arc. The only thing the new series does ignore is the way Dexter ended in season 8.

So far, we’ve seen several references to the original Dexter, including his “dark passenger.” Plus, Dexter is still seeking advice from the ghosts of his past. In Dexter: New Blood Episode 4, there are even more references to Dexter’s past. Here are three callbacks fans can’t stop talking about. 

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Dexter: New Blood Episode 4 “H is for Hero.”] 

Deb cheering Dexter on in ‘Dexter: New Blood’ references ‘Dexter’ Season 1 finale 

In episode 4 of Dexter: New Blood, Harrison Morgan (Jack Alcott) is involved in what almost becomes a school shooting. Harrison claims his bullied classmate Ethan (Christian Dell’Edera) tried to get him to help execute a mass murder at their school. But when Harrison stands up to Ethan, things go south. Harrison slices Ethan’s leg in self-defense and gets away from his assailant with only a minor stab wound. 

Naturally, Dexter finds holes in Harrison’s story. His forensic brain tells him Harrison’s wound is self-inflicted. And when he returns to the scene of the alleged crime, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) appears to cheer Dexter with balloons, posters of affection, and fanfare. As his new voice of reason, she assumes he’s looking for holes in Harrison’s story because he envies his son’s heroic act. This moment was a direct call back to the season 1 finale, “Born Free.” 

After killing his brother, Brian “The Ice Truck Killer” Moser (Christian Camargo), Dexter wonders if he did the right thing. As he enters the crime scene with Deb, Dexter fantasizes about Miami cheering him on for stopping the big bad — a scene repeated in Dexter: New Blood Episode 4. 

“Felt like I was transported to the thrill of [season 1] in a long time,” says a fan on Reddit. “Loved this callback *chef’s kiss*.”

Rita’s ‘Dexter’ death comes up in ‘Dexter: New Blood’ Episode 4 

At this point, Harrison knows very little about his mother’s death. But he does know she was murdered. When he discovers the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow) episode of Molly’s (Jamie Chung) true-crime podcast, Harrison learns more about his mother’s brutal death. 

Trinity Killer’s weapon resurfaces in ‘H is for Hero’

After Harrison listens to Molly’s true-crime podcast, the attack with Ethan unfolds. Some fans think Harrison took matters into his own hands to protect the school. Others agree with Dexter — “He wanted to know what it felt like.”

Harrison uses a straight razor to cut Ethan, the same weapon the Trinity Killer uses to kill young women in the bathtub. “It’s interesting he used the same kind of knife Trinity used and in the same spot on the leg,” says a Dexter fan on Reddit. 

Whether or not Molly’s podcast inspired Harrison’s weapon choice remains unclear. But this callback to Trinity’s kill cycle was obvious to fans. 

“From this [callback] to Trinity and Rita, to Deb’s expressions … cool way to celebrate episode number 100, even cooler because they fit into the storyline perfectly,” another fan writes on Reddit. “Clyde Phillips and everyone involved are really killing it.” 

Stay tuned for even more references to Dexter in Dexter: New Blood. Watch new episodes of Dexter: New Blood on Showtime Sunday nights at 9 PM ET. 

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