EastEnders betrayal as Gray Atkins discovers Chelsea Fox’s baby is NOT his?

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Gray (played by Toby-Alexander Smith) has become a loose cannon on EastEnders as not only has he killed several of the residents, he has also jumped from relationship to relationship. Recently, his dalliance with Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) went down in flames when he discovered she had known Chelsea (Zaraah Abrahams) was pregnant with his child before he did and attended an abortion clinic with her. However, as the villain of the BBC soap pops the question to her mother of his unborn child next week, he might realise it isn’t his at all.

A few months ago, when Chelsea began dating Gray to get a lawyer for free as she was facing jail time for getting implicated in a number of crimes, she wasn’t the most devoted person.

Instead, she caught the attention of another legal eagle in the form of one of Gray’s colleagues, James (Ben Dilloway).

When the pair first met, they didn’t realise they had a mutual connection in the serial killer as they met in a club after Chelsea’s court hearing.

It was explained to viewers she had slept with his supposed stranger and wanted to forget about it as she moved on with her other half.

Just a few weeks later, whilst she and her boyfriend were out for a drink, the expectant mother realised James was someone very close to her partner indeed.

This didn’t stop her from organising another rendezvous with her secret lover and sleeping with both men at the same time, there is a chance the baby is James’.

The truth could prevail when James discovers his colleague is engaged to the woman he slept with and possibly impregnated.

Wanting to cause some trouble, the lawyer could tell Gray on the night before he is supposed to walk down the aisle.

He could be invited to the stag do and unable to see his friend boasting about the future ahead, he could drop the bombshell.

It wouldn’t take long for Gray to put the pieces of the puzzle together and realise Chelsea was sleeping with James at the same time.

Chelsea is really shocked

Zaraah Abrahams

Gray possesses some extremely violent and killer instincts, so his first thought would be to murder the woman who cheated on him.

However, if he were to do so, this would mean he would also get rid of the life growing inside her, leading to a double murder.

Although the villain has lost his temper with his own children before, he has never considered laying a hand on them.

Despite the baby not being his, he could still feel some remorse for endangering it by killing his wife to be.

He could play the long game, by marrying Chelsea and waiting until she has had the baby to finally enact his revenge.

The actress who plays Chelsea, Zaara, has spoken out on her shock Gray decides to propose to the mother of his child out of the blue.

“She’s fully aware that she’s pregnant with his baby and they have been getting on really well, and both been taking a mature approach to what they’re going to do in the future.

“If that was to go somewhere then fine, but I don’t think she feels that they are there yet.

“She is really shocked and then it’s a matter of whether she’s going to decide to go with what she thinks is the right thing to do or she takes the opportunity for stability.

“I think she thinks they could work towards being a happy family but obviously there are obstacles in the way, one of them being herself.”

By lying to Gray about the true paternity of her baby could see Chelsea put herself in more danger than she could have ever thought of.

Some viewers on Twitter are believing James might be the father too, with Conor writing: “Guarantee you the dad of Chelsea’s baby is actually Gray’s lawyer friend she slept with #eastenders.”

The Real Declan posted: “Chelsea did go off with that other lawyer so could the baby be his? #Eastenders.”

Kerry added: “Is Chelsea sure the baby is Gray’s? Chelsea preggers with Gray’s baby or possibly Gray’s friends #EastEnders.”

Ryan commented: “If Chelsea really is pregnant who would the baby belong to? #EastEnders This just sprung to my mind this question as she had a one night stand with Gray’s friend a few months back.”

But if the villain were to take revenge over the lies, it could very well be the end of him as he wouldn’t be able to cover up as well as he has done with his other victims.

Speaking of his character getting his comeuppance, the actor who plays him, Toby-Alexander, addressed his alter-ego’s exit.

“I mean I’m asking the same question, he needs to be caught,” the soap star said in an interview with Loose Women.

“His comeuppance is definitely on the cards, when that may be, I still don’t know. I’m sure he’ll be punished in true soap fashion.”

EastEnders continues tonight at 7:35pm on BBC One.

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