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BIG Brother star Chanelle Hayes has left the showbiz lifestyle in the past and now works as a travel expert.

The 35-year-old who appeared on the TV programme in 2009 is now a travel blogger.

She set up Jet Set with Chanelle Hayes in January after realising her love of travelling and mentors others to follow in her footsteps.

Posing in a variety of sun-drenched locations, enough to make most people living in England green with envy, she offers tips to fellow globe trotters.

"I started this business because I love travel. I love that I have an amazing team of people that I mentor but we have made new friendships with and speak to daily. We are the dream team!" she wrote in the caption of a recent post.

As well as working in travel, 'mumtrepeneur' Chanelle is an aesthetics practitioner and student nurse.

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Chanelle Hayes reveals incredible body transformation after dropping nine stone

Chanelle Hayes praised by fans as she shows off ‘real body with stretch marks’

Jumping on her Instagram Stories, she said: "Hi guys, just wanted to leave a quick story from bed, my office.

"Those of you who know me, I have got my aesthetics business, I'm doing a full-time nursing degree – I like to have my fingers in lots of different pies. But my most exciting business at the moment, I'm obsessed with.

"It's my travel business, and tonight we've got a webinar and we've got directors from all across the business.

"I love it, it's so fun, I speak to my team all the time, I'm a really hands-on team leader," she added.

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Shocking Big Brother transformations – £24k surgery spree to 10st weight loss

Chanelle has recently opened up about her nine-stone weight loss following her gastric sleeve surgery in 2020.

She recently shared a reel documenting the procedure along with snippets of exercise and happy times with family and loved ones.

In one picture, Chanelle revealed her scars from the incisions on her tummy.

"I get so many DMs about my weight loss surgery," she said, before revealing the most frequently-asked questions.

"Was I nervous? Yes! But I did plenty of research beforehand.

"Do I regret it? Not one bit, it’s changed my life when I was unable to do so on my own.

"Is it easy? No, there’s still lots of work to put in, it’s not a quick fix and it changes the way you eat/digest forever.

"Is it for everybody? No. Nothing is for everybody really. If you’re seriously considering bariatric surgery, do your research.

"Exhaust other options. Speak to a professional who is able to give you medical advice.

"Did it change my life? Yes it did and I am forever grateful…in some ways it didn’t only change my life but it saved it. It allowed me to live again.

"My WLS allowed me to experience things with my loved ones that I wouldn’t feel able to do before. It improved my mood, my health, my quality of life."

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At the height of her fame in 2009, Chanelle weighed 8.5 stone, barely eating and taking laxatives to try and achieve a WAG body – skinny with big boobs.

She made the decision to go under the knife after struggling to overcome binge eating.

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