Sky’s Intergalactic brings gunfights, spaceship chases and aliens to rival Star Wars in explosive first look trailer

SKY brings gunfights, spaceship chases and aliens to rival Star Wars in the explosive first look at Intergalactic.

The brand new Sky Original drama is set in outer space, and the first look trailer follows Ash Harper (Savannah Steyn), a young cop and galactic pilot wrongly convicted of a treasonous crime.

She is exiled to a distant prison colony, her glittering career in tatters.

But then her fellow convicts break free and go on the run across a distant galaxy, leading to a quest for freedom, with plenty of action and adventure.

The trailer sees the convicts taking over the ship with the leader saying: "I'll kill anyone who stands in my way."

As a slowed down version of Queen hit Don't Stop Me Now plays, she is then seen shooting a man before being told: "You shot the pilot, you told us not to shoot the pilot."

In another moment, Ash is seen telling someone: "I'm undercover with a group of escaped convicts."

Asked if she's a spy, she replies: "Something like that."

Poldark's Eleanor Tomlinson is then seen sporting braided hair and brandishing a big gun as a drug mule called Candy.

She declares: "We don't hide" before launching one of many gun attacks seen in the action-packed trailer.

The eight-part series stars an ensemble cast including Eleanor, This is England's Thomas Turgoose, Sex Education's Sharon Duncan-Brewster and Peaky Blinders star Natasha O’Keeffe.

Eleanor previously said of her role on the show: “I’m very excited to be jumping years into the future to take on the role of Candy, the drug mule from the planet Skov.

"Now that’s not something you hear every day! I’ve long been a fan of Thomas Turgoose and not to mention the formidable Kieron Hawkes at the helm of Julie Gearey’s scripts."

Intergalactic is coming soon to Sky One and NOW TV

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