Spoilers: Dawn is rocked by a sudden tragic death in Emmerdale

Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) is haunted by her past in upcoming Emmerdale episodes.

As viewers know, Dawn has a dark history with drug taking and dealing, something she’s now firmly put behind her as life with son Lucas was far more important.

Coming up, Dawn is upset to discover her best friend, Beth, died from an overdose and can’t quite decide if she should attend the funeral.

After a chat with Billy (Jay Kontzle), Dawn gets ready to say her goodbyes.

When Dawn arrives, she meets up with Jade and they reflect on their past.

However, when Jade asks Dawn to go back to her house, she knows it’s not a good idea – but ends up saying yes.

Upon arriving, Dawn finds a child at Jade’s house and shortly after, a drugged-up Jade reveals Clemmie is Beth’s daughter, and the young girl doesn’t even know her mum has died.

This is an unexpected twist – but what will happen next?

Will Dawn leave Jade and Clemmie, aware the young girl isn’t living in a safe home?

Or take her back to the village and find her some help?

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