The 'Heartstopper' Season 1 Soundtrack Is Guaranteed to Take Over Your Playlists

Everything about Heartstopper has us wanting more. From Nick and Charlie’s friendship-turned-relationship to the indie soundtrack that has become the ultimate earworm, we just can’t get enough! While we’re still eagerly awaiting news of a possible second season (Please, Netflix!), we can’t help but revisit some of the show’s iconic moments by rewatch or by listening to some of the tracks that took all of Heartstopper‘s big moments to the next level. Curious which songs were playing during specific scenes? We’ve got you covered.

Here are all the songs from the Heartstopper season 1 soundtrack.

Episode 1: “Meet”

“Want Me” by Baby Queen

Playing during the show’s intro sequence as everyone heads into school for the new year.

“Lovesick” by Peace

Playing when Charlie sees Nick through the bus window and when Charlie is running during gym class.

“Dover Beach” by Baby Queen

Playing when Charlie is starting to play rugby with the team.

“Don’t Delete the Kisses” by Wolf Alice

Playing when Charlie and Nick leave the school.

Episode 2: “Crush”

“Sappho” by Frankie Cosmos

Playing when Nick and Charlie start messaging each other on Instagram.

“girls” by girl in red

Playing when Elle tries to make friends at Higgs.

“Dance with Me” by beabadoobee

Playing when Nick and Charlie got outside and play in the snow with Nellie.

“why am i like this” by Orla Gartlan

Playing when Charlie and Nick reminisce on their relationship so far after their movie night.

Episode 3: “Kiss”

“My Own Person” by Smoothboi Ezra

Playing when Nick is scrolling through websites trying to figure out his sexuality.

“Telephone” by Waterparks

Playing when Charlie walks into the party.

“LUCID” by Rina Sawayama

Playing at the party when Nick and Charlie are sitting down and talking.

“Clearest Blue” by CHVRCHES

Playing when Nick steps out on the dance floor to try to find Charlie.

“Alaska (Toby Green Remix)” by Maggie Rogers

Playing when Charlie and Nick try to find another room to talk in.

Episode 4: “Secret”

“What’s It Gonna Be?” by Shura

Playing when Nick leaves Charlie’s house after talking about the kiss.

“heart” by flor

Playing when Charlie practices tackling by himself.

Episode 5: “Friend”

“nothing else i could do” by ella jane

Playing when Charlie, Ella, Tao, and Isaac play Monopoly.

“UrbanAngel199” by Thomas Headon

Playing when Tao and Elle talk with each other and Tao starts dancing.

“If You Want To” by beabadoobee

Playing at the beginning of Charlie’s bowling birthday party.

“Buzzkill” by Baby Queen

Playing when the group starts bowling.

“fever dream” by mxmtoon

Playing when Tao confronts Charlie in the bathroom.

“Paper Mache World” by Matilda Mann

Playing when Nick and Charlie share a kiss at the arcade.

“I Want To Be With You” by chloe moriondo

Playing when Nick and Imogen announce to everyone that they’re not together at school.

Episode 6: “Girls”

“Knock Me Off My Feet” by SOAK

Playing when Nick and Charlie are studying.

“Flirting with Her” by Sir Babygirl

Playing when Tara and Darcy are talking in the music room.

Episode 7: “Bully”

“Bang Bang Bang” by Lauren Hibberd

Playing as Charlie gets ready to head out to the movies.

“Tired” by beabadoobee

Playing when Nick talks with his mom in the car.

“Any Other Way” by Tomberlin

Playing when Charlie heads to the art room.

“Smokey Eyes” by Lincoln

Playing when Tao and Harry are fighting outside.

Episode 8: “Boyfriend”

“Our Window” by Noah and the Whale

Playing when Nick tries to message Charlie on Instagram.

“Because I Love You” by Montaigne

Playing when Charlie runs in the race.

“Close to You” by Dayglow

Playing when everyone is taking part in Sports Day.

“Moment In The Sun” by Sunflower Bean

Playing when Nick and Charlie kiss in the hallway.

“I Belong in Your Arms (Photek Remix)” by Chairlift

Playing as past scenes of Nick and Charlie’s relationship play.

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