‘You’re monsters’ Christine Quinn storms out of brokers meeting after Selling Sunset row

Selling Sunset Season 5: Official Netflix trailer

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Reality star and real estate broker Christine Quinn has been at odds with the rest of the Oppenheim group since she didn’t receive an invite to fellow agent Heather Young’s wedding. The cast of the popular Netflix series Selling Sunset were forced to sit Christine down for a meeting to explain why she’d been excluded, but, unfortunately, their intervention didn’t go quite according to plan.

Christine called the cast of Selling Sunset “monsters” before storming out of a brokers meeting partway through the new season.

Netflix’s wildly successful property series returned for even more chaos this week, which sees the Oppenheim ladies trying to keep it professional while their personal drama spins out of control.

After failing to invite Christine to her wedding, Heather has it out for her co-star after she sent an inappropriate flower arrangement and poem.

Two days later, she posted a comment on social media claiming she “didn’t give a s**t” about Heather’s wedding and didn’t want to be there.

As the conversation heated up, Selling Sunset newcomer Chelsea Lazkani accused the Oppenheimer employees of ganging up on Christine.

“When I hear everyone coming at one person, it’s giving me bullying,” she said.

“Even when you all may not vibe with her and dislike her, when you all come together? It’s a lot.”

Christine’s colleague Amanza Smith shot back, insisting: “I don’t dislike Christine at all. I love Christine. But I’m like… I’m over it.”

“I didn’t ask to have this conversation in front of everybody, but now it’s a whole spectacle.”

Mary Fitzgerald decided to leave before the confrontation could kick off any further, but she departed with a stern warning for Christine.

As she got up, she said: “I’m going to remove myself from the situation, but, in the office, I expect [you] to be professional.”

Christine grew visibly emotional after her difficult intervention with the rest of the cast, and got up to leave herself.

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She told the brokers: “I just wish, for one night, you guys could be professional. I really would have appreciated that.”

“So thank you so much for coming,” she added as Amanza rolled her eyes.

“You don’t get that privilege when you talk s**t,” she retorted as Christine left the room.

“You’re monsters,” Christine exclaimed before descending the stairs of the property.

Amanza clearly wasn’t having it, and sarcastically shot back at a retreating Christine: “We’re monsters. Oh, I’m such a monster.

“Literally the most neutral f*****g person in this group. Definitely not a monster.”

Chelsea proceeded to leave the room herself to check whether Christine was okay, but Selling Sunset fans will have to tune in to episode five to catch the fallout.

Selling Sunset season 5 is available to watch on Netflix.

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