Homes Under The Hammer host Martin Roberts admits loss has left him feeling ‘rudderless’

Martin Roberts gives tips for getting on the property ladder

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Homes Under The Hammer’s Martin Roberts is set to take part in ITV’s Strictly The Real Full Monty in a bid to raise awareness for cancer checks. The property expert explained how his new venture was motivated by the tragic death of his best friend.

Martin lost his friend of 35 years, Dave Hughes, to bowel cancer four years ago.

Opening up about Dave’s death in a new column for, Martin confessed that his grief left him feeling “rudderless”.

Recounting how the pair met, he wrote: “I first met Dave in 1986 when I moved to the South West.

“I fancied a girl I didn’t realise was his girlfriend, and when I invited her for dinner, he came too.

“We laughed about it and were inseparable thereafter.”

The TV star went on: “We danced on tables in après-ski bars and drank red wine to excess.

“We supported each other through some serious life traumas, and Dave was the steadying influence to my emotional rollercoaster personality.

“There was never any judgement or criticism, just honest advice.

“Since his death I’ve felt rudderless,” Martin concluded.

Now, Martin is set to step out of his “comfort zone” and strip off on Strictly The Real Full Monty for charity in memory of his friend.

Speaking to, Martin said he has struggled with “body issues” that have made him feel self-conscious over the years.

He said: “I was approached to do this and my initial reaction was ‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’

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“I have, like a lot of people, have a body issue thing going on. I mean, I was very badly bullied for being fat as a child.

“So, you know, my image has been very badly skewed by that.”

“The idea of being laughed in adult life, when I was laughed at in child life, is something that was fairly outside of my comfort zone,” Martin added.

Martin also recounted the moment he first met the other participants.

He said: “One of the things I said was, you know, ‘I’ll do it, but I want to make sure that the other guys who were doing it are not like hunks, not like Chippendales.’

“Then we did this whole TV introduction thing where we were led into a room, you know, I’m in the room, and then they gradually introduced the others.

“I genuinely didn’t know who else was gonna take part. The first guy comes in and he’s Teddy from Love Island!

“So, he’s like this super fit, lovely, fantastic guy. He’s 23 years old, beautiful, gorgeous body.”

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